I feel sad after giving birth: Advice?

Hey guys, so I just had my daughter, and she turned a month old yesterday. She is so beautiful and perfect, and I cannot believe how blessed I am. But I am not going to lie; I am struggling. I am feeling worthless, sad, ugly, and down lately. I feel horrible for feeling this way because I am so blessed to have such a wonderful blessing. Is this just my emotions and hormones? What should I do?


Talk to your doctor. Sometimes knowing it is a normal thing is all you need to hear. If not, there are many medications available. Hiding it is the worst thing to do. Good job for reaching out!

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Please see a Dr. Some of those feelings may be normal but no one online, short of someone with a PhD, should be giving you advice. Those feelings may be normal or may be symptoms of PPD which can get very serious, very fast. Good luck and please seek professional help right away. Better safe than sorry.

Postpartum depression Honey. They used to call it the baby blues. Definitely talk to your doctor. Hormones are tricky beasts. Congratulations on your baby girl!


Talk to your doctor, I had a baby on new year’s day and I’ve been feeling the same way. My doctor prescribed me some medication and set me up with a therapist. I also did some things just for me, I got a haircut, got a pedicure and got some eyelashes and my eyebrows waxed and tinted. I feel much better, not 100% but it helped me to talk about it and get some help.

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. I felt that way too. But that baby sees you as the most beautiful person in his life. I had post partum depression so bad. But each day you see your baby is one day you are blessed. Just holding the baby as beautiful as the baby is …you made that precious little gift. And I had no one to talk to. If you have a Dr. That cares. Please talk to them. But just talk it out

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Most women who give birth have the same feelings , postpartum depression is a very real thing. Go see your doctor. You will come out of it.

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It sounds like you have postpartum depression.
It’s completely common. Just please talk to your doctor and focus on all the good in your life. You’re beautiful and your daughter loves you unconditionally. You’re doing a great job mama.

Please keep taking your vitamins and b complex and iron it will help with creating a healthy mind throughout this and it will pass

Talk to your dr ASAP. PPD is a very real thing. I hope you get the help you deserve.

I’m a mother of 3 blessings. I’m 54 and I’m telling you it is normal to have the feelings you are having. But with each woman it may be different. Talk to your Dr. Sometimes you get the baby blues. And its okay. You are not doing anything wrong. As long as your baby is thriving you are doing a great job. New moms have it hard. If this is your first child it may be a bit over whelming. You are in charge of another life. A little helpless human. But , as long as your baby is healthy and happy you must take care of you too. You can handle this. And you know whats best for your baby. And you shouldnt feel ashamed of your feelings. You just went thru the toughest time your body has been thru A lot. Yes its been a month. But darling its normal. Seek a PhD that will listen and hear what you are saying. And with help from the father or friends, family, take time for you. A hot bubble bath. A trip to a spa. Or just a nap. Take care luv and best wishes for you and sweet baby.:purple_heart:SN. If you are breastfeeding seek natural remedies. Dr sometimes prescribe meds. Dont want baby to be exposed to anything thru your milk.


Prayer, counseling. You are a going to pull through. It happens. Be patient with yourself. Surround yourself with loving, positive supports.

Talk to your doctor immediately! They will be happy to get you the help you need. It gets better.

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Please . Its probably post partum depression. Please see your dr… god be with you

Its ok to feel that way - hormones - lack of sleep … stress. Please don’t feel like it’s wrong or that you’re a bad mother cause you feel this way. Reach out to your OB or primary and discuss this and see what your options are. Hang in there. Get some rest as much as you can. Worry about cleaning ECT later.

Talk to your doctor… :pray:t2: hang in there :slightly_smiling_face:


postpartum depression is no joke and is very real. Please talk to your doctor ASAP.


Please don’t try and just tough it out. Your child needs you to be at your best. Even if it’s not PPD. Talking to a therapist will help.

Its normal to feel that way but seek a doctor it can get bad and i dont want that to happen hope you feel better soon youre doing great mama

Sounds like postpartum depression. Tell your doctor about it