I feel so numb about my relationship that ended: Advice?

He is feeling really numb. I was seeing this guy for about two months, and he was so nice at first. He said things like, “I’m not going anywhere, your mine, I’m staying indefinitely, this is definitely going to turn into a lot more, I think we are soul mates.” Then we get into a couple of arguments, he flirted with another woman online, and then he tells me he’s still in love with his ex. He says he is superior because of his race; nobody likes white people except white people…I’m crazy, stupid, dumb, controlling, manipulative, ignorant, etc. He turned into a sociopathic narcissist. I’m feeling really low cuz I did develop feelings for him. I honestly hate dating and being on the market; it’s exhausting. There’s probably no hope in him actually changing either, I just hope at this point I’m not pregnant with his kid. My anxiety is so high, and I feel so depressed. I need to accept the fact that he is never going to change…this is so difficult.


Just run…I was with someone similiar except it took my 3 yrs to leave.

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Sounds like he’s bipolar

It’s been 2 months. Move on


2 months? Unprotected sex??


2 months … he got what he wanted and on to the next


2 months??? Girl run.


You have to be really careful when people are making those kind of racial comments. Sounds like he has something against certain people. Please just take care of yourself and know that you are worth it. It’s a blessing in disguise.


That’s a lot of shit to go down in two months

2 months. 2 months that’s all it took for him to show some of his real self. Why the hell would you have unprotected sex with no birth control you don’t even know who he is really. What ever happened to waiting?! I hope you don’t have kids already and allow him to be around them.


Hopefully you are not pregnant. If I were you I would want him out of my life forever.

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He played you…run away

Girl you lucked out. Some of them don’t show their true colors until years into the relationship.

Look at all of the red flags, count yourself lucky, detox for a bit, and move on.


Thank God you only put 2 months in before he showed his true colors, some put up with abuse for decades.

Take a short time and grieve what you thought you had and get back out living life. Good luck


It’s really not difficult. Why would you want to be with someone like that? You say being single is exhausting, but isn’t this relationship also exhausting? He is literally racist which is a hateful thing to be and he says all those mean things to you… Why in the world would you even think about staying with him? Like why is is a question? Is that kind of treatment what you feel you deserve? Are you not worth being treated better than that? If your best friend or your sister just told you everything you just typed what would your advice to her be? And it’s only been 2 months?? That’s nothing! You will get over him in like 5 minutes. Get out now before you end up wasting years of your life. And seriously…maybe get some therapy or something and figure out why you would even think about staying with someone you hardly know (2 months is nothing ) when they treat you so poorly. You need to love yourself more and value yourself and know your worth. Don’t take this shit. Leave

Be happy he showed his true colors early on and that you’re not pregnant.

Start reading about narcissists in relationships. It will help you deal with what you’re going through, trust me I have been there


Run from that psychopath as fast as you can :dash:


All men say that. Every single one. Only some mean it. You just need to figure out which ones❤️ this guy… he isn’t one of the good ones

Ok… you invested way too much in a 2 month relationship. You have no business having a child with him or anyone else. You need to learn how to pick men that aren’t racist, at the least, and who are good for you, at best. Count this as a win and a learning experience. Make sure you’re using 3 forms of birth control at all times, be single for a good while, and maybe work on loving yourself.