I found a condom in my boyfriends car: Advice?

What would you do if you found a condom in your boyfriends car? We have been together for 3 years, and we do not use them. I was cleaning out his car when I found it under his seat. I am trying not to jump to conclusions because I do trust him. But at the same time, why is it there? Should I even talk to him about it or just move on?


Ya def talk about it because I’d be loosing my shit too we don’t use condoms so wtf why does he have it . But don’t go all cray until you talk lol

If it’s used, he’s cheating, if it’s wrapped there could totally be reasonable explanations.


What’s the eco.date on it?


Is it used? Ask him calmly. I would guess cheating, but you can’t know unless you talk to him.

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Ask him definitely x

How can everyone jump to the conclusion of cheating lol god knows how long he probably had the car before her lol


Is it used or still sealed in the wrapper?

Just dump his ass if he is cheating he’ll lie anyways just say bye bye!

When does it expire?

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Just ask. You will know when he answers, if he is lying or telling the truth.


Me and my husband hasn’t used one in 11 yrs… (only been together for 12) and he still has one from that many years ago. (Yes it needs to be tossed just haven’t got around to it. It’s in the bedroom drawer)

I would jump to conclusions, it could be old…


Several plausible explanations, does he ever have guy friends in the car? If so and it’s an in the wrapper condom could have fallen out of a pocket, not every guy cheats,not every guy is faithful, not every woman is a prude, not every woman is a man stealing whore, good lord cheating isn’t always the answer, like others have said expiration dates matter, if it’s used yikes, but if it’s new it could be a precaution, you may want to have condoms on hand in the case of uti’s or yeast infections

Leave it on his seat so that he has to start the convo :woman_shrugging:t3: either way you gotta talk to him, bottling it up inside is the worse you could do to yourself.


Don’t ask him. Hell probably tell you he gave a lift to his friend who dropped it.

I would ask, if you’ve been together 3 years you know if he’s not being honest

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First check the expiration date and if its not expired COMMUNICATE how you feel and ask all questions you need you deserve that much. Never “just move on” then you are going to have lingered feelings.


They all have an expiration date ! Check that out before you jump to conclusions. Could of expired in '97 :rofl:

Look at the expiration date. That eill explain a lot.


If you guys have a good relationship then dont feel upset with asking if he gets upset (like overly upset, yelling why are you going through his car ect.) Then from my personal experience it means he is hiding something be up front and ask otherwise you will sit and beat your brains out until you are so mad and cant see straight that you might become hostile