I found my little sister on facebook and want to contact her: Advice?

So I just found my little sister on Facebook today after not having any contact with her in over six years…( she’s 11 now) She was taken from my mom by child protection services, then into foster care and after my moms rights were taken away I haven’t heard anything else… Today I put her name into the search bar and found her!!! I’m so overwhelmed with emotions I literally balled for an hour. I saw her so happy and loved! I want to contact her, but I don’t want her to hurt anymore if she remembers everything in the past… I could also message her adoptive parents, but I don’t want them to freak out or something and block me and my chances of ever seeing my sister again. What should I do? Any and all advice would be appreciated


If she was adopted, you’re not supposed to contact her. But you can definitely contact her parents n see if they’ll let you build a relationship with her! Good luck dear. Me and my sister know all too well how much it hurts to be separated by foster care!


she is 11 please don’t, seek out the parent of your sister, she is too young… i am sorry!


Contact the parents especially since she has been adopted. You have no idea what may be going on and what she has been told and you msging her could be traumatic for her


HUGS HUGS HUGS… If she is only 11 I would contact her parents first. If she is 11 and has a FB it almost seems like her parents are looking for someone to contact her.

Contact the parents.

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Good luck. Best wishes

Message her adoptive parents. I don’t think it’s right to message her first as she is a minor and 6 years ago means she was 5 she may not remember a whole lot.


I would contact her parents and tell them who you are and that you want to be a part of her life.


Message parents see if it’s okay first then if it is contact her and for all of you who say your not supposed to msg once adopted no you can as me my brother and sister all three of us were taken from our mother my brother and sister where adopted my brother I can see talk to and even spent the night over when I was 15

if she was older i would say go for it but as shes only 11 go to trhe parents 1st

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So hard not to just message her❤. She might not remember or may have been told things. Maybe message parents first. Be completely open them as well as her.

She’s your sister but she’s a minor. Message her parents first.

I’d go to the parents

Contact the parents first, shes still young and it may be worse for you to go behind their backs then you really may never get a chance to connect with her. The parents I would hope will support your relationship as her sister, but they may set up rules with you being the adult. Good luck i hope it works out!

Message the parents first. If they are any type of decent ppl they will want her to have a relationship with her sister.


Just friend request her.
No need to talk to her just yet.
Talk with adoptive parents after.


I’d message her and tell her who you are and give them a phone number and ask her to have her adoptive parents to call her so you can talk about having involvement

Ask her parents first

Contact her adoptive parents before anything please.