I found my son looking up inappropriate things on youtube: Advice?

I have a six-year-old son, who I found out is looking up “Naked ladies on YouTube” or “Pictures of naked women.” I don’t want to hear about the whole “children shouldn’t be on the internet” it’s going to be fixed, and I know this already. But I’m a single mom, so how would I go about speaking to him about this? When I have no idea if this is a normal age for that to start or get curious about their parts.


I think they have a YouTube for children or you could put parental settings on whatever smart device your child is using

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This is a totally normal age to start getting curious. Kids start to become aware their bodies are different than the other gender around age 3-4. It’s also normal for kids to discover masturbation at this age. They are discovering their bodies and are curious. Definitely sit down and speak with them about their growing body. You don’t want to shame this behavior, it’s normal!

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At that age it’s pure curiosity. Talk to him. Let him know it’s not appropriate and set up the parental settings. It doesn’t need to be a big deal.


My son is 5 and already knows I have different parts than he does. Its something I thought he was mature enough to know. And he doesnt question much anymore. I would sit him down and just explain that girls and boys are different in many ways and we cant judge them for that. It went really easy for me, but I was also a single mom for awhile so my son would cannon ball into my bath water or cosleep so when he asked I answered his questions.

I would just ask why he was looking it up and is there anything he would like to know about women.


From everything I know and have talked to people about. That is about the age of curiosity. Usually the “show me yours and ill show you mine”

Ummm parental setting on any device for kid’s and wouldn’t have these problems…


I went through the same thing with my son. It was because he had a friend who had heard things from older siblings and the younger boys got curious about what they were talking about. I sat my son down after taking some time to breathe and think, and I asked him why he was looking at it, if he had any questions about what he was looking at and that he wasn’t in any trouble, but if it happens again we would take his iPad away. His bio dad and I did this with his bio dad on FaceTime so he could be a part of the conversation too. We also put parental blocks on his iPad after that.


No it’s not ok for him to be doing this, there is a kids you tube that you let him be in and it’s much safer but you still need to closely monitor what he does through it the day.


I would just lock down what he can look at on the internet I caught my son looking at that someone told him to on the school bus we had a talk I took his stuff away and gave it back to him when I was ready and when I knew that he couldn’t look it up . I haven’t had a problem since. I also started taking him to and from school so he didn’t ride the bus anymore.

“But I’m a single mom”
TF has that got to do with anything? Monitor your kids


I nannied a little boy about that age, absolute angel, and once found out he had searched “people butts, wagina and penis.” Completley normal curiosity. I just explained to him that I can see everything he looks up, that it was inappropriate and not what the computer is used for … and that there are some very bad things he might accidentally find on there.

My son found pornhub thru advertisements on YouTube when he was 7 even with parental controls :unamused: I told him they were actors in a different kind of movie and not to think its any kind of realistic. I tried not to make a big deal out of it but told him stuff like that was meant for adults. I don’t want him to be embarrassed or ashamed and have weird problems later in life over it. I would restrict time on the internet and make sure he understands what he sees online is NOT reality

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Need to adjust those parental settings. But it probably wouldn’t hurt to start talking about grown up things. Find a guy who he could confide in to talk/ask questions

My daughter undid her parental settings and googles sex🤦🏻‍♀️ She just turned 9! I asked why, she says because all the kids at schoil, 3rd grade, talk about it and she wanted to know what it was. We had A LONG TALK that I hadn’t planned for another 2 years, and she’s lost her electronics. This world has kids growing up too fast. You are not alone!


Ask him why and answer any questions appropriately. In the end everyone is curious


My son did this as well. In society today kids in school hear and see things or on TV etc. It spikes their curiosity. I think it is normal. I was a single mom at the time also. I explained to him that his curiosity and feelings were normal but he was too young for these things and it was inappropriate. He understood but a few years later he looked at porn on his ps4. Ugh. The struggle

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Use YouTube for kids. Problem solved.


I caught my son doing the same thing. All guys look at it at some point when they’re older, so I didnt want to shame him for it. I just told him he isnt even old enough to know which sites will give him viruses on his phone or not, and to stay off of it until he is paying his own bill.

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Most devices have parental controls! Put a password in, restrict content, disable certain apps, set time limits and down time.