I found out I am pregnant again and need advice and kind words

I have an 11-month-old, and I just found out I’m ten weeks pregnant while on birth control. I’m terrified because I know it’s challenging going from one to two babies & I feel like I just became a mama yesterday. Can y’all comment on any advice you have for me to make me feel better?


My two kids are close in age. It’s tough at first but we’ll worth it. Congratulations! :heart:

Don’t sweat it mama. It’s easier the second time around. If you haven’t already, I recommend a schedule. So much easier once they get used to it

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Congratulations :tada: good luck!

Congrats! You got this mama! :purple_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: i have 2 kids they are about 6 years apart but my mom had me and my sister 1 year 1 day and 1 month apart! We grew up so close! :purple_heart: dont doubt yourself!

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Same my 2 youngest are 16 months apart and they are super close it can be a little tough but it’s all worth it

Not a lot of advice, but some solidarity for ya. I found out when my son was 11 months old that I was 10 weeks with #2. It took me a couple weeks, but hey, now I’m excited to watch them play with each other. Congrats mamma!

Every baby is different ! It will take time to adjust but it’s possible :heart:.

I found it easier going from 1 to 2 than 2 to 3


I got pregnant with my son when my first baby was only 3 months old. It’s difficult but they have such a strong bond and love each other more than anything. You can definitely handle it! :heart:

I got pregnant with my 2nd when my 1st was 3 months old and again when my 2nd was 4 months old. You will be just fine.

At least you didn’t wait 7 years to have another I wish my kids were close in age. Yes it’s tough but you can do it and it’s worth it your kids will grow up together as best friends :revolving_hearts:


Congratulations :heart: you can do this. Positive vibes mama!!

I had my 2 daughters Jan2016 and dec2016 and my other 2 daughter mar2019 and jan2020… as long as there’s a specific routine and bedtime you should be fine​:blush: love having them close together they are the bestest friends :two_hearts:


My kids are exactly 18 months apart, it gets easier. And gives you time to learn as well. Before you know it, they’ll be playing together laughing like crazy running around. It’s a great feeling.

You can do it! Congratulations

I was 6 weeks when my son was 4 months old. I’d just turn 21 and it was hard but it was great.


I promise that it isn’t as hard as it sounds. Our first became a big brother at 16 months old and it’s been pretty good after a couple of weeks when we figured d out our new groove

I’m praying for you. It will be hard at first but when they are older they will entertain eachother

Its not even as bad as it sounds. I have an 18mth old son and an 11 day old baby girl. Plus work and breastfeed. Its not bad at all.

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