I found out I am pregnant and cannot stop crying

Today I received some exciting news. I’m pregnant AGAIN - this crying face is because I’m scared, I’m afraid. It will be my 4th csection. I miss my BC, and now I’m sitting here in the bathroom, crying my eyes out. I had tried to get pregnant many many years ago, and doctors told me I was never going to have this, but now I go on my 4th. Should I feel this bad about having this blessing? I have no help except their daddy but no friends no, family members. I have not worked in 4 yrs due to my family members not trying to help. Someone talk to me. I feel sad and lonely, so overwhelmed. I should be happy, excited; I should be jumping on the bed, yelling and trying everyone that God has heard me, but I’m not. I can’t stop crying.


Breathe, enjoy the blessings

In the end we can only depend on ourselves…stand up, dust the dirt off your shoulders, and show them babies what a freaking awesome mama they got :muscle::muscle::muscle:


This baby is a blessing in disguise

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You got this momma! You have three already, one more will just add to the fun. I imagine it’s hard, but you’ll get through it. I’d also suggest birth control once your lo arrives.

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Just let it sink in, its a shock when you arent expecting it, its ok to not be happy straight away, take some time and work out how you feel about it

Breathe, talk to your partner, and remember that you are an awesome mama!

I’m confused, how do you “not work due to family members not trying to help” …?? That’s your own responsibility, no one elses.

If you can’t afford another child there are many ways you can bless a family struggling to conceive. I struggled with infertility for 4.5 years before getting pregnant and I am currently 5 weeks. I am in a group of THOUSANDS of women who would do anything for this blessing.

Stay humble. Plenty of resources and options for you.


I’m not gonna tell you it’s the perfect time cause idk what that is. What I can say is I’ve been where you are- the scared part. All you can do is access your situation and choose what’s best for everyone including and especially you. Allow yourself to feel sad, upset. Cry scream break stuff if you feel like it. Then shake it off and set a plan. You will be alright. You got this mama.


I completely feel you. Feel free to message me. I know how guilty it makes you feel. I was told I was sterile and would never have any, after my husband and I got married BOOM 4 kids in 5 years and at the 4th I was actually afraid to tell my husband. I couldn’t believe no bc worked. It gets better. Not easily for sure. But the moment they’re born it’s like you never knew your family needed them

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I’m in same boat. 4th C-section. Was told I’d never have kids… Very little family support. Everything is the same except I work. If you wanna talk just message me. My inbox is open


There is no perfect timing for a child.

I have 4 kids, 3 of which were planned.

But the transition from going from 3-4 has been the hardest, but the best all in one!

Take it day by day & you will do great!

You got this mama. Let it process, you’ll be jumping for joy soon :heart:

Find your local MOPS group, it’s a group of mom’s that meet monthly and support each other with motherhood! Kid’s have play groups together and mommy’s get to have adult chatting. They would embrace you and support you and your littles!


I would then suggest seeking some therapy. I barely have family, I have no immediate family as they are either passed or have dementia. I have 5 living, 1 miscarriage 1 stillborn and anxiously awaiting a new arrival in June 2020. I love my babies. I wouldn’t change anything for the world.


I don’t know what your faith is, but lean on God for help and guidance and he will see you through.

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I have a 2 year old boy and a 1 year old girl im currently 20 weeks with my last and honestly i was in the same boat feelings as you with complications with all of them Family doesnt help either but look at it this way at the end of each amd everyday when you lay down to go to sleep you did all you could your kids will need their momma more than anything. They look up to you. And to me those smiles laughs make everything worth it. People will regret not being there. Your strong momma use mother go through hell but we always make it happen.

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That’s how I was with number #3. Didnt find out until I was half through the pregnancy. Ended up having prepartum depression. Cryed and had bad thoughts contantly. Hang in there momma. My inbox is open if u want to vent or talk. I don’t judge.

You can do it Momma. We have 5, 10 and under and I’ll I have is my husband with any kind of help. They’ll grow up and you’ll miss it. Hang tight it does get eaiser

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I was a single mom of 7. You can absolutely do this.