I found out I have blood in my urine: Advice?

Can you please post this I found out I have blood in my urine as of yesterday as I went to the hospital and just wondering if this happened to other moms as well and if so what was the outcome for you, it’s not my first child but still scared as this never happened before


I did but it turned out I had kidney stones

I had preeclampsia, 37w4d and was induced. Baby was fine.

It happened to me before, I had a bad UTI

I had kidney infection but my sis just delivered 33 weeks due to preeclampsia please go to the dr

Yess!! I had kidney stones!! They said it’s either kidney stones or a UTI can even cause blood in your urine during pregnancy!

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I had some with my first pregnancy and it was due to a uti…what did your doctor say when they found it.

Kidney stones and Kidney infection all 6 pregnancies around 6 months along

Have that now with a UTI

I did, it was a bad uti

Shouldn’t your doctor weigh in?? :woman_facepalming:

I have…it was a uti

I’m currently 35 weeks and had blood in my urine and it was a uti. Still would be good to go to doc

I did but I get kidney stones all of the time!

Mine was kidney stones.

Had that while I was pregnant. Ended up having a small kidney stone

I did but I had alot they found protein in mine as well. Sadly it didn’t end good

Yup had kidney stones

You probably have & not noticed.

UTI drink lots of water and those cranberry. Pills work also