I found out I have PCOS and my husbands sperm count is low: Advice?

Hello! So I found out yesterday after my husband’s semen analysis that his sperm count and motility are both low. I also was recently (within the last 6 months) diagnosed with PCOS. I do have an appointment with the fertility clinic to help as my OB/GYN said he cannot help us further at this point. Does anyone have any experience with a successful pregnancy with both of these conditions? How long did it take you to get pregnant? How much did you spend on fertility treatments? Is there really no hope as to getting pregnant naturally? Thank you!


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Been in the exact same situation … I have 4 kids
Just saying

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Im pregnant with my third and i have pcos. both my boys were surprises and my girl was planned.
She took 3 months to fall pregnant with :slight_smile:

Keep trying, have fun, and give yourself time xx

Yes! I got pregnant naturally after 6 months. I was told at 18 it was very unlikely because of the PCOS. Husband has had some issues that cause low sperm count (won’t go into the gory details). Im now 23. A month before I got pregnant, I went to my OB to try and get help with losing weight because no matter what I did I couldn’t stop gaining weight. Wasn’t really pushing the issue of getting pregnant because we weren’t married yet and not really trying, just not preventing. I lost 15 pounds in like a month-ish on adipex and conceived! I think the rapid weight loss sparked ovulation. I’m now 26 weeks. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have PCOS and have been pregnant at least 10 times, I have 2 living children thus far so PCOS doesn’t have to be a death sentence. Issues with sperm on the other hand I have no experience or advice but as for your PCOS don’t lose hope there. It can happen. Took 14 years to get my miracles but it happened and it was worth it. I wish you the best.

I was diagnosed with pcos about 15 years ago, I have a 13 year old and a 6 month old, and have lost 2 pregnancies. I personally am only able to conceive after weight loss, but it’s different for everyone.

My husband and I have this exact issue. We tried for 2 years naturally then went to a fertility clinic. Took another year on fertility meds and got pregnant using IUI. Knowing what I know now I would jump straight to IUI if we decided to have another baby. Clomid didn’t work for us. Femara and IUI were successful on the 1st attempt. We paid 400 for an IUI and about 1,000 for meds, bloodwork, ultrasounds etc. that also depends on states and insurance too tho.

I have PCOS and I’m on my fourth pregnancy. Try drinking soy milk to increase estrogen and there’s always clomid and or metformin if you want to go that route. His sperm count I’m not sure what to do about without doing some research. Good luck.

I have pcos our daughter is an iui baby and our second on the way is an ivf baby. We spent two years with infertility with our daughter and over two years with infertility with our second. Clomid and metformin never worked for me. I did shots and then iuis.

Been there! Still there. Have a little girl. Don’t give up. Watch diets. Both take vitamins. Obgyn needs to be dumped then. They should of been able to help unless there’s more to it. We took clomid and a trigger shot. Lost 91 pounds too before starting.

I have PCOS and endometriosis. Tried for 5 years before going to a fertility Dr. Did 5 rounds of pills and hormone shots plus metformin before finally getting pregnant with my son. Total cost was probably about $1600 total after insurance. Clomid/clomiphene never worked for me but it is an option and it’s cheaper than other medications. I also lost some weight and ate healthy, lots of leafy greens and took prenatals beforehand. Idk about the low sperm tho. Though I did have husband wear different underwear and quit drinking energy drinks and mountain dew while we were trying. Not sure if it helped.

I would recommend doing treatment for sure. Femara or clomid with a trigger shot and iui is your best bet with these two conditions. No reason why you can’t get pregnant just going to take some work and some medical helpn

I discovered giving up almost all white foods , potatoes , breads , pastas , dairy , refined sugars etc changed my health so much I had my first period in years that wasn’t caused by birth control and after a year of being off birth control all together I was pregnant. Look into what type of pcos you have and what lifestyle changes are most helpful based on that . also if you plan on breast feeding and find weight gain instead of weight loss … Pcos can cause that and cutting carbs and sugars drastically may be necessary. It’s frustrating bc each of our bodies responds differently to different health plans. I walk and eat lots of veggies, meat and fats … Never felt better … Miss my comfort food but oh well

Also … Water , so much water to flush the junk !

I went through same but I have three kids so don’t lose hope get the right medication and u will be sorted

I have PCOS, and it took 7 years for me to get pregnant.

Something a LOT of people do not know about PCOS is that you really should try to stick to a gluten and dairy free diet. Lots of raw nuts, vegetables, some fruit (not bananas), and lean meats are the best. Gluten and dairy cause inflammation, and for us, it makes everything a thousand times worse. We already do not process insulin well.
Women with PCOS really need to see a nutritionist.
Also, regular exercise helps tremendously.
Google PCOS and diet.
Most doctors do not tell you this, especially fertility ones. I spent a fortune and it did not work. I changed my diet and within a year, I was pregnant naturally.
Also, pomegranate is good for low spent count.

Look up keto and fertility its helped alot of women with pcos.