I found out I was pregnant after getting the covid vaccine: Will baby be okay?

Months ago, I did my first dose of vaccine, and one month and some days after, I did my second… however, one week after, I discovered that I was pregnant for about 4 to 5 weeks… so far, no issues, but I’m still concerned about the consequences this may have on mu pregnancy or my baby… any doctors around here that could help me to clear up my doubts, please? Thanks in advance


My wife’s doctors who we are very close with since they have delivered all 5 if out children highly recommended she get the vaccine. She got 2 doses if the Maderna one and everything was fine. It is a new vaccine, but it has been used hudreds if millions of times. And now the baby will also have some level of immunity.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I found out I was pregnant after getting the covid vaccine: Will baby be okay?

It’s supposed to give the baby the antibodies which is good


Let’s just hope this isnt a Sweet Tooth kinda year. But it would kinda be cool. Lol


There have been babies born with antibodies. Talk to your physician and they can tell you what to expect. On here, you will get a lot of anti-vaxxers that will say anything to scare you

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It’s new so NO ONE can tell you!!!


I don’t think it’s been out long enough for anyone to have a good, reliable idea of how/what it can effect.


You and your baby will be magnetic. Just think of it as a superpower.


How is anyone supposed to know covid vaccine is up in the air lol


There were women who got pregnant during the trial, and they’ve also followed other women after who have gotten vaccinated, and started a separate study for pregnant women. There have been NO issues.


I would be cautious! If you’re having any problems definitely go to the ER right away. Make sure your OBGYN knows that you been vaccinated. Some of the research on pregnant women & complications is not good. Alway say positive & be very careful.


This is just one perspective obviously there are many experiences, but one of my good friends got both doses while she was pregnant and she just had a perfect little boy with no issues. When the rest of her family got a cold, he was the only one who didn’t. There is going to be a whole generation of babies born with antibodies.

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One reason why I won’t get it while I’m pregnant, can’t really say whether it’s harmful or helpful. I just rather not. Hopefully though everything will be fine!


I have known a few women who were pregnant when they received theirs and their babies were born with the antibodies . Discuss with ur OB

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Your baby will be fine!


Not the same but I.knoe they will.not give u the mmr vaccine if.ur are pregnant or trying to get pregnant as it’s a severe risk to.baby. idk call family doc or w.e doc u many have to.inquire

Being that most vaccines inserts. Not the paper they give you at the doctors, the actual insert for the vile states not safe for pregnant women I would be very careful.

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I don’t think anyone can really say at this point as it is new but just trust your gut and your body and if you get the slightest thought to call your doctor then listen and do it or go to emerge if any pain or bleeding happens. I’m sure you and baby will be just fine, take a breath Mama! All the very best!

Chances are the baby will be fine, but really there is no way to know. The vaccine hasn’t had a lot of testing done on pregnant women, or anyone really. Best case the baby gets some of the immunization… so that would be plus.