I found out my ex gave our kids melatonin on a camping trip: Adcvice?

I found from my kids that my ex and his gf have been giving my kids dissolvable melatonin before bed when they are camping. They don’t have sleeping issues, and they’ve never had sleeping issues. I’m not okay with it. Thoughts?


It’s a natural substance and completely safe for kids.


I would not try to cause a fight but just bring it up to her that you don’t want them taking it. But on a plus side it is safe

Lol, melatonin is safe and natural. Our doctors recommended it for our twins to help them sleep.

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He’s their dad … its his right. Just because it’s not something you would do :woman_shrugging:


Omg the world just might end. Holy shit. However are they going to come back from such an experience. Their own father made a decision that didnt include you. Off with his head🙄 youre annoying.

It shouldn’t have done any real harm to them. I don’t know how your custody agreement goes but their father may have the right to give them that. You could talk to him and tell him how you feel about it.

It’s safe to use but you are absolutely 100% in your right to ask they not use it.


It’s not a drug. If I’m a kid camping I’m NOT going to sleep!!! I will talk and talk and try to do EVERYTHING on this camping trip even when it’s bed time. I want to make smores at 12 am and listen to ghost stories and never close my eyes because it will be over soon and I don’t want to go back home. Lightning bugs are very cool and I have to pee again. Please let me have another smore! It goes on and on I promise! I mean you can mention it but I don’t think this is a bad thing. I can’t even sleep well in a camping trip and I’m 33! I’m out of my Element and I’m not in my bed!


I wouldn’t just take the kids’ word. Ask the dad about it, and why he felt the need. Just a tidbit, it’s better to refer to him as the kids’ father rather than your ex when you have issues. Makes things less personal.


It’s a natural supplement. I don’t get the issue


It’s safe when used as directed. I give my child melatonin on occasion.

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Its completely safe and probably helped the kids get a good nights rest while in a new environment, wich is pretty important if they plan to do fun day time activities with them the next day. You can have a conversation with the dad but he is allowed to give them that.


I bring it when we stay in hotels, at a family member’s house, etc to give my kids a better chance at falling asleep somewhere new and out of their routine. Not a big deal or worth fighting over… in my opinion.


Its better than benadryl…express your concerns…but its his right.


It’s natural and he is their father. Do you tell him each time you may give them something?


Ive gone in spurts taking it, but I got to the point I couldn’t sleep without it.
Its safe, but I wouldn’t want them taking it unless they actually need it. It could possibly affect the ability to sleep in the future if it’s given to them repeatedly.
If anything he should have consulted with you first.


I give to my son . It safe and he did the parent . Not a big deal . I wouldn’t waste my energy on this .


Your ex is equally as much a parent as you so he has just as much right to give them natural supplements as you do. You might not be okay with it, but you don’t get to dictate how he parents when it comes to things like that.


I think its something that should be discussed with you first…Its usually prescribed by a doctor so my concern would be did he buy it online were its not properly monitored…Also if its not for a sleeping issue then id ask why it was used…I wouldn’t be happy

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