I found out my future in laws are using: Advice?

My situation is… crazy, to say the least. I’m 19 and my fiance 20, and we have a nine-month-old precious happy baby girl, and I have had to battle my mom having a drug addiction, so she wasn’t allowed to be in my life, but while living with my fiance and his parents, I found out (after his mom talked MAD TRASH) that both his mom and dad have been using for a while. We tried to get things straight, but we have now moved out of state because I needed help due to my physical state succumbing to the mass stress of working, stress with his parents, and my inability to keep food down. Since being in the new state, his mother continues to say that I am just trying to take her grandchild away from her when I gave her four months to make ANY changes for us to stay… well… in the end, she is now trying to manipulate my fiance more as she keeps texting me to tell me that I need to remember that is HER son. She’s always manipulated him, and I’ve tried to stand by while just being supportive, but now she is commenting on every post I make, texts me all the time, and will talk so much trash about how I’m treating her when every word she has said I have ignored… Ladies… what do I do at this point so it won’t put a strain on my relationship??


For starters block her!


I’d get a restraining order. I dont play those games.

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Block block block…


Block her on every level, your man needs to block her as well


Keep your head up and do what is best for your baby and you. Block her on social media and your phone. You will have to choose what you do next about your fiancé. Good luck mama.

First of all, block her on all social media. Report her to the police wherever she lives for her drug use. Keep a record of all her bashing & geta restraining order. Tell her if she wants to see her granddaughter, she will need to have x amount of drug tests passed


You cant make his choice for him… At most I’d say be emotionally and mentally supportive to your boyfriend, the best you can and, you stop contact with her…


Ok…well for starters…NO drugs…or drug abusers should be allowed around your child PERIOD…


Block her. Block her from fb and block her number. And your fiance should as well. However, I’d stay away from that because that’s still his mom. But you don’t have to put up with shit from her. Especially if they’re toxic.

Block her, change your #. Move and live your best life. Toxic is toxic.


Block her on everything and tell your fiancé to do the same till she can get clean


Do you . That’s all you can do , is you . Make sure YOUR a great mother to that baby . Make a beautiful life , nobody gets to dictate your life but you .

Block her. Hopefully he gets the sense to block her as well because she is not good to him either

Block her and focus on your little family

Next time he leaves his phone unattended, go to his contacts and block her, do the same on his social media


Trust me . Blocking her will only give you peace . AMD it will let her know you mean business. A break for awhile is necessary.

Addicts always play the victim. It’s all about them, not what’s best for the other person or child. BLOCK!

Block her on social media… block her from her cell phone

Just don’t respond to text or messages tell your boyfriend you will not be treated like that and you will no longer talk to them