I found out my sons girlfriend said she hated me even though I go above and beyond for her: Advice?

My son and his girlfriend have been together for nearly two years, and they have a seven-month-old baby whom I adore. Ever since I found out she was expecting, I went and bought all the clothes all the toys diapers wipes diaper bag pack and play just everything you possibly need for a baby. She didn’t have to buy anything and still don’t for at least another year. I have always been extra sweet to her because I had no reason not to be. Recently she used my phone and logged on to messenger, but she left her messenger open, and I just happened to see where she was telling somebody that she hated me and she couldn’t stand me, and she wished that I would go on somewhere. Now I haven’t overstepped my bounds I just bought the things that she couldn’t, and I gave them to her. At first, I was really mad and hurt, and now I am completely confused on how you can hate somebody who’s done nothing but be good to you and your child and your previous child. I watch the children 5-6 sometimes seven days a week, even when she’s off work. She will not come to get them. Am I age? I need a break from time to time, but I never say anything because I’m scared she’ll just say well fine if you can’t keep them like I need you to I’ll find somebody else. It doesn’t matter who watches the children; she will leave them with just anybody. I don’t know if I should say something or not say something, but I definitely feel some type of way about this. I’m a very sad Nana, and I try to do good by everyone I just don’t know how to wrap my head around this that she hates me…


Shes just a bitch i guess. Not much you can do

Ungrateful lil *****


Who was she talking to when she said it ? Is she young and possibly really immature ?


Ask her and then quit doing for her since she hates you :woman_shrugging:


You should sit her down and speak to her (with your son there too).
She left her messenger open, so you were not snooping. You clearly do so much for her, so you deserve an answer. I highly doubt your son would let her keep your grandchild away from you, so ask her why she has a problem with you. Also, you should stop doing so much for her because she clearly doesn’t appreciate it.


Stop helping her out.


Let her fend for herself.
People don’t understand how well they have it, smh. I’m sorry she does this, you sound like a very loving Nana.


Maybe she took something you said the wrong way and just wrote that in the heat of the moment out of frustration. Ask her if you’ve done or said something to hurt her or upset her because you feel like she’s been different towards you. I would NOT tell her you saw the messages and invaded her privacy when you could have just logged her out of her messages since you saw they were hers.


Some people will not like / love u know matter what u do for them.
Maybe u can ask her if she wants u to be there for her. If she says no then find things that interest u and live your own life. Enjoy you money.
There was a time when I used to go above and beyond for people. Not anymore I enjoy myself and do charity. No strings no expectations.


Horrible sneaky sly bitch

Pull back. Stop spending money for her. Do the bare necessity for the kids. Dont let them suffer but make her aware of the situation


If it were me, I would just stop doing anything for her. Sounds as though she is an ungrateful, immature brat!


You need to talk to your son


She must be young and immature. Irresponsible enough to leave her messenger on your phone. She is an ungrateful brat. I wouldn’t help her anymore especially since she says she hates you. Just make sure she was talking about you before u confront her.


I feel lyk this story is too one sided, cuz how do we know this isn’t just her telling lyk she wants it to be. Nobody hates someone for no reason…that’s all I’m saying. Otherwise, I’m guessing she has other issues with herself that needs fixing ha.


Oh thats hard mamas, but I would try to ignore it. Keep doing what you do, be true to who you are and keep showing your love. If she is abusing, don’t stand for it, but in this life we won’t be liked or loved by everyone. It’s her deal, her issues. Try not to overstep her boundaries, ask if its ok to buy stuff - even though you might see it as inoffensive, it might actually hurt her. Try to be empathtic, but at the same time create your protection. Don’t let it eat you. <3 best of everything

Wow…this generation knows nothing…I would kill for my daughter’s father family to help …it’s been me and my family doing for her…I’m sorry but she’s ungrateful…I think it’s time she learn a lesson…I’d stop doing for her…she will soon come to realise who is truly in her corner…


I would ask her. Maybe just say she’s seemed upset towards you or different or something but don’t mention the message you saw. And just do the bare minimum for her without going above and beyond. My parents help me SO much with my son and I feel bad ever asking for anything more.

Maybe sit down with your son and just ask him if everything is ok and if theres anything you’ve done that might have made her say those things. Idk but I wish you the best of luck