I found out the guy I am seeing is married: Advice?

I met this man almost six years ago. We started a relationship two years into the relationship I find out he’s married. I have already fallen in love with this man, and I just can’t cut him out of my life. He promises me we will be together when his son turns 16, so he knows he will have a way back and forth to school without worrying if his wife gets up to get him to school. I have spent the last year with him more than she has, he works out of town. I go spent three weeks out of every month with him. But I notice that he still baby’s her and spoils her rotten. He makes perfect money, so she doesn’t work. He says it’s just to provide that was his job. But taking her on an anniversary getaway is not part of providing. He swears he loves me more than he’s ever loved anyone that he’s never had anyone treat him the way I do. I want to believe him, but the more time goes on, the more I don’t see how he loves me. I have to work for what I have but haven’t in almost a year because of him. He recently had to have surgery done out of town, and instead of me being with him, his wife was. When he’s home, he barely acknowledges me at all. I just need help deciding what I need to do. I have invested six years with his promises. I know I’m in the wrong, but he is very good. He makes me feel loved when we are together, but I feel like I’m on the shelf waiting to be played with. I need some hard advice on what I should do. Do I wait or do I cut ties now and try to forget him and get on with life.


Wants his cake and to eat it too.
She isnt working so he leaves do you really think hed let her fall flat on her ass?

He’s never going to leave his wife, he’s stringing you along. Dump him before you have no dignity or self respect left. You’re helping him betray his family. Of course his wife was with him for his surgery. She’s his WIFE. You’re just a side piece.


Uhh I think you already answered your own question. Pretty disgusting if you ask me, how would you feel if you had a husband and he was cheating on you


If you believe that he’s actually going to leave his wife…your a fool. Cut ties and move on to a man who isn’t in a relationship and doesn’t string you along


He makes you feel love because he pays for your love…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Read the first part and I’ll chime in … leave him ALONE !! By no means unless he is completely separated living separate for you to continue seeing this man. He is married if he’s unhappy then there are ways to solve that … either way you need to leave him be and when he works out what he needs to then your time with him will come (that’s if he still wants it) and I’m sorry but to be two years into a relationship with someone and find out now that he’s married that just shows he’s good at what he does … cheats!


Uhm. SIX years should be your first damn clue. He’s NOT going to leave his wife. BOTH of you are trash. You for staying and continuing a relationship with a married man, him for doing this to his wife and child.

Break it off, heal yourself and your heart and make sure you don’t mix with married men again.

There’s nothing you can do or say to him that will get him to stop or change. You need to be the one to leave.

He doesn’t love you. If he loved you he would have left to be with you. Move the Fck on.


Get out he ll never be yours


When you didn’t know, that was one thing. Now that you know he’s married. He’s not yours. He will never leave his wife.


He has his wife at home and his hoochie on the side . Why would he ever change that? Lmao at the stupidity


I’d let his wife know he has a side chick. And he’s not going to leave her. It’s naive to think he is. If they split, chances are it’ll be her decision and he’ll do the same to you. Find someone else, don’t be a homewrecker


You’re just a side piece, he does not love you.


You are being used. You are allowing him to has his cake and eat it too. Leave and find someone that will truly give you what you deserve.


Unreal. You know he is married. Leave his ass.

Sweetheart u know the answer to your question…good luck.


Sucks you choose to come in second place. If I were you I would know I was worth more.


:thinking::thinking: uhm. He’s married. He ain’t leaving his wife for you, especially if it’s been this long. He isn’t going to give you more attention when he’s with his wife. He is still going to treat her like his wife clearly. You aren’t his priority, you are more like a game to him to see how long he can pull you along for :woman_facepalming:t3: leave. You should’ve once you found out his was married


Um he’s married and not leaving why would you choose to be secondary.