I found out the guy I like is married: Thoughts?

I’ve known this guy at work for a year now. He would always try talking to me, but I was a bit rude; I’d just say 1 or 2 words & look annoyed, lol. I could tell he was interested in me, and I didn’t want him knowing I was interested too. (He’s really cute) I’m just shy and hate dating coworkers. He asked for my number one day, and I gave it to him. I ignored his texts and would take days to reply. He would ask to hang out, but I always made excuses. He kept pursuing me even though I showed no interest. He wasn’t obnoxious or forceful, though. He just seemed really patient and understanding. I think he KNOWS I’m interested too, but I’m just playing hard to get. I finally said yes to hanging out with him, but I flaked three times over the course of a month. He never seemed annoyed or upset, though. He would text me things like, “what can I do to make you feel comfortable?” Or “if you need more time, then let me know, okay?” he was SO patient with me, and I started falling for him BUT…I found him on Facebook, and it says he’s married. I was upset and thought I was just a “side piece.” I finally hung out with him because I wanted to find out more. He did bring up his relationship. It’s his son’s mom. He said he left her earlier this year because she would argue over the smallest things, she’s rude to him, and she never wants to do anything fun with him; all she wants to do is sit at home. He said good things about her though, he said she’s a good woman (she works, has an education, and is a good mom), and he would love to be with her and be a family, but he doesn’t want to put up with her being mean…when I went on her Facebook, it seems as though they are still married and still living together from the photos she posts. I don’t think he’s being honest about leaving her; I think he’s afraid of scaring me away. He’s the nicest guy I’ve met, super calm, super understanding, patient… he seems honest about everything except the fact that he’s still married. I think he’s stuck in a crappy relationship and isn’t happy, which I completely understand because I’ve been in that situation. A lot of girls at work like him and flirt with him, but he shows no interest in them. If he wants a side piece, he could easily get with one of them, but he chooses me after I gave him such a hard time. We have hung out several times, and we always have deep conversations; he never tries to get in bed with me or anything. We haven’t done nothing like that; I wouldn’t sleep with a married guy. I really like him, but I’m not sure how to handle this situation. Do I talk to him and tell him to be honest and ask what his plans are, or do I leave him alone and move on?


You should have stopped with he’s married… the end!


Move on before you get emotionally attached. You already know the answer. If you were his wife, what would you want the answer to be on this post to you?


I think if he was everything you explained him to be he would still be with his wife.


He’s probably so interested BECAUSE u made it so hard and guys love the chase. Don’t mess with married men.


Ask to go to his house! I’ll bet that will be a no! Come on, you’re not stupid!


he is married run away


Leave THEM alone and move on! Or let the wife know :slight_smile:


If he was that nice of a guy he wouldn’t be still married & pursuing other people. I’d stop with him right away. Not fair to anyone involved.


He. Is. Married.
Are you asking permission to be a homewrecker?
You can’t help that he was dishonest, true. But as woman have some respect for yourself and the unsuspecting wife and leave this man the hell alone.


Walk away. If he’s ok to cheat on his wife (don’t have to sleep together for it to be cheating) then he’s ok to cheat on you eventually. Not worth it and you know he’s married making even worse.


You just found out this guy is married and still have the nerve to ask if you should leave him alone? :joy: 2021 morals


Stay away.If he ends up leaving her then give it time before you get into any type of engagement.

Message his wife… see what she says.


If he’s lying about the status of his marriage then don’t assume he’s honest. Runnnnnnn​:bangbang::bangbang::bangbang::bangbang:


If he can do it to his kids mother. Let alone wife, he isn’t who you think he is. And if the tables were turned and that to happens to you, you wouldn’t be happy wether it’s a “crappy” relationship or not.


Better hope the wife isn’t a *** CRAZY *** FBI type person because if so, that’s going to be more than you truly want :wink::woman_shrugging:


Leave him alone. Or tell his wife. I can guarantee you’d want to know if you were in that situation. It’s not fun to be married (with kids) and be cheated on.


He’s married bottom line. How are you gonna sit there and start with that then continue with a bunch of BS about how great he is when HES MARRIED.


Do you even need to ask? If he is married or with someone why would you even consider dating him?