I found out the guy I was with is a registered sex offender: Do I have to tell him I am pregnant?

I’m a single mother of 2 children, and I just found out I’m expecting. The father of this baby is a registered sex offender (I didn’t know about this until we split up, and the police told me). Do I have to tell him I’m pregnant? Can I legally have the baby without putting a father on the birth certificate? I’m sad, confused, and scared, but I don’t want him around my children at all (he was never exposed to my other children - we didn’t make it that far in our relationship). No judgment, please… I just want to know if other moms have done it on their own without father involvement.


IDK about every state, but in OR and Wa you don’t have to put the father on the birth certificate and no you don’t have to tell him!!!

I am so sorry. What a hard situation :frowning:


You don’t have to tell him or put it on the birth certificate. Girl…you need to walk away and don’t look back! Next time do a background on the man you’re involved with! Best of luck to you!


Depends on the state. Michigan let me put no father on there, the father didn’t want to be on the birth certificate which was fine to me because when it came to leaving his ass with my son. It made it much easier. Only i never persued child support because i didn’t want him in our lives


You don’t need to add a fathers name. In fact it is thier own responsibility to do as such. You are under no obligation to tell him either. Best of luck


Definitely consult a lawyer. If he finds out you’re pregnant he can file a paternity suit and get supervised visitation. It’s better to know your rights and obligations before the baby comes. Getting insight here is good especially if you can find someone who had been in this situation to support you and talk to. But as far as what you can do to protect yourself and your baby the best person to talk to is an attorney. A restraining order may be necessary.


My two oldest children didn’t have fathers on their certs, it’ll make you look bad but just tell them you don’t know who the dad is…


Do you want child support? Do you think he will ever actually pay? Do you understand that child support comes with a custody agreement? Do you understand that custody agreements come with visitation (of some sort or another)? If you want these things, tell him and name him on the birth certificate. If you DO NOT want these things, DO NOT tell him. There are probably a billion single mothers on the planet, this has happened before. It is totally possible to raise a child on your own. It is never easy, but absolutely doable.


It probably depends what state you live in. In Texas you do not have to put the father on the birth certificate IF you are not married. If I were you I would move away and not tell him anything.

If you put his name on the bc it will give him all his rights as the father. Don’t tell him and leave him out of it. My daughter was pregnant and the father didn’t believe her. We told her to leave him out she didn’t. She told him and he even got visits. But it backfired on her. He expects more than she wants from him with her child. She wishes she hadn’t told him at all.


Just say you don’t know who the dad is and block him, hell move if you have too!


I agree with the others. Leave him completely out of it. He will never find out if you never tell anyone.

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In NC you don’t have to put a father on the birth certificate, I didn’t put one on my son’s

Did you ask him why he was on it? There are always circumstances that can cause a man to have to register such as public urination, 16 yr having sex with 15 yr old. Check to see why he’s on register. Plenty of innocent guys on there & plenty of guilty 1’s. Idgaf if you don’t like my answer. Don’t comment with your fckin bullshit.


I would not name him on the birth cert. nor would I tell him your pregnant. I would say you did not know who the father was.I’m a product of a father never named on my birth cert.and that is a person I will never know, so don’t worry.

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Just because he’s on the registry doesn’t mean he doesn’t have rights to his child. It also doesn’t necessarily mean he’s an offender either


Women do it often , I have even seen protection orders put in place, yet if he tries to push that he is the father and request a paternity test, he can be acknowledged by a court of law as the father, but a registered sex offender in some states are by law not supposed to be around children, so it depends on what a court says in it all, if he pushes the issue.


I would not tell him and stay away from him at all cost. My son was molested by his biological father. It is not a problem you want to deal with.


You don’t have to tell him anything. You don’t have to list a father on the bc, you could always just say you don’t know who the father is. You got this!!!


I mean if you tell doc and hospital you had a one night stand and aren’t sure what are they gonna do?? I know who the biological sperm donor is to my child but he’s not on the birth certificate and never came to hospital. Luckily with his past you should be able to get his parental rights removed if it comes to that. If I was you I would go on my merry way and let people think I’m a hoe hey if it protects my kid idgaf about their opinion…