I found voice recordings that my husband took of me: Thoughts?

.I want to know how you would feel if you found your significant another recording you. Today as I was cleaning my home, I found my husband’s old phone, and it has recent and lots of voice recordings of me from a while back? I don’t know how even to address this or what even to think i just feel betrayed as if he didn’t trust me or something. I’m just so lost and hurt right now …I just need some advice


Anything or time specific?? Very bizarre!

Have you or him threatened divorce and custody regarding kids? Alot of men are now doing this especially if you answer in a way he can prove you emotionally and verbally abused him etc.


Lol my fiance did this to me when i first met him i was so shocked i thought he was a weirdo but he was insecure bc hisbpast relationships.

What are the recordings of? If you are verbally or emotionally abusive he might want that as a fall back in the event that you guys split. That’s really the only thing I can think of as to why he would be recording you, especially seeing as it was on a phone, so he would be there while the recordings were taking place.


That’s an extreme invasion of privacy! I would be mad.

Maybe he thinks your cheating… or having certain people over… That’s creepy tbh.

If they aren’t anything that could be incriminating at some point, instead of jumping to your own conclusions that it is bad, just ask him. Maybe he just likes the sound of your voice.


Clearly you dont trust him either if you were snooping threw an old phone


I have some random recordings of my husband and when he’s away I listen to him cause I miss him lol . His voice is so sweet to me .


There’s a reason to everything

And unless you say what the recordings are of I will not give my advise . Sorry


I would throw the phone away. What phone dear

What were they of? That’ll prob tell you what you need to know :woman_shrugging:t4:


I hope you deleted them. I know I would.

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It depends on what it is about. The only thing my husband has ever recorded is me snoring :joy::joy::joy: because I swore up and down I dont snore.


The only time i think would be appropriate ti delete them, is if he did. Or if you are just talking or talking to a friend that in no way is intimate with you or you with them. But if its of you cheating, flirting, being abusive or manipulative. Dont. That just makes you look worse.

Just ask him and work it put

My ex did this many times. Pissed me off every time. I would find his Bluetooth device you used and throw it away. He always denied listening to me, but I wasn’t stupid. He was on drugs and paranoid I was cheating. Even claimed 1 recording contained a man’s voice, I was alone. Needless to say, he’s now my ex, for that and so many other reasons.


Or if he thinks you won’t remember saying something. I can see that happenign

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