I gained weight while pregnant and am insecure: Advice?

This is going to seem like an odd question, but I’m pregnant with my second baby right now. I’m 5’3 and about 155-160 pounds. When I was pregnant with my son, I weighed about 125-130 so. I started showing pretty quickly, and my bump was super cute. After having my son, I have a bit of a “mom tummy.” So I already have a little pudge there, and I’m just worried and insecure about how it may look with my bump this time. (Like me looking a lot bigger than before) I plan to lose all my baby weight after this baby, and I’ve gained no weight so far (I’m only 12 weeks). Dr. Doesn’t seem concerned about me being overweight. I guess I could just use some reassurance that me being insecure is normal, and I’m not alone.


You’re not alone. Diet culture makes us all insecure about our bodies on purpose.

Building a human is a lot of work. I hope you can find ways to love your changing body because you are a badass, Mama, and your body is strong and capable of miracles.


Babies change a women.Our goals and our bodies.Got to exercise and be careful but not way to much.Kids grow up…


I loved being pregnant and eating . I always gained a considerable amount of weight and never cared. But I didn’t eat the candy and pop :blush: Pregnancy is a beautiful part of life. Just enjoy yourself it comes off.

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I gained with my first one too and didn’t lose the weight. I was over 200lbs when I got pregnant with my 2nd. I know how you feel.

Celebrate your blessed condition!! I loved being pregnant. It was the only time in my life I wasn’t insecure about my body. I think pregnant women are so beautiful. They glow with radiance of the life force inside the. If doc isn’t worried, you should relax and let nature take its course. I don’t know how you feel about breastfeeding. I nursed all my babys and the weight just fell off. With my daughters I lost twenty five additional pounds. You are beautiful and your baby needs you to eat healthy to support you both. Remember, it takes ten months to gain the baby weight, realistically it takes ten months to lose it!!

just be healthy and enjoy

After a baby the body changes and with exercise and good eating you can get back…takes work but you can do it! If you don’t, embrace it and be happy, you are a mommy now and that’s all worth it. Be healthy and be happy…please yourself and no one else!

I gained 30 with two of mine

Now menopausal and had Gall Bladder removed so more weight gain grrrrr lol

I gained a considerable amount of weight with my first and it was off in three years. Now almost ten years later my second is nearing 11 months, I havnt lost much weight, but it didn’t happen quickly with my first. Our bodies change, and pregnancy can be a huge enforcer. I’m struggling to come to terms with my size now too, so you’re not alone, whether I lose the weight this time or not I’m happy :grin: and you deserve to be too :heart: enjoy motherhood without that sitting unnecessarily on your conscience

Ya show much sooner for your second child,your pregnant you will loose it after,be happy:) if you feel that insecure maybe some walking for some exercise but other than that congrats:)

If you want to lose weight after your child is born. Do it. Stick to it. Use that time for your “me” time.

I had 3 kids one right after the other so every other 9 months I was pregnant! Just eat right vegetables fruit lots of water and walk go to the mall window shop walk around in walmart before you even know it you’ll check the time and find out you walked for 2 hours! Snack on foods Like celery and cream cheese or peanut butter apples with peanut butter if you eat fresh vegvegetables that aren’t cooked you get more nutrition and not calories taking walks will keep your body strong for birth! I wish you best for you and your baby to be!

Weighing about 155-160 is not something to be considered about! I get it does since you’ve weighed less. But your body has created and carried a beautiful baby.

Just eat healthy n normal activity don’t be hard on yourself heck I gained 40 pounds first one n chunky for yrs n then 2 baby gained n their grown n I’m still chunky lol

If you breastfeed the baby, the weight will drop off. Try to avoid eating too much junk and processed food and stay on track with healthy options

Soooo normal. Don’t overthink it. Just focus on if you’re getting the right nutrition. Otherwise, you’re good. :ok_hand:t3:

Your body is fine and your doctor isn’t concerned. I understand the insecurity though. I was already overweight when I got pregnant and I was worried no one would notice I was even pregnant. But they did and me and my baby are both healthy

Let your body do its thing. Dont worry about anything until after you are healed and cleared from the dr. Wear everything proudly because you created 2 beings!