I gave birth a few months ago and have been dizzy since: Advice?

So I’m 35 years old and just had my last baby on the 2nd of this month. Got my tubes removed during the c section. Lately, I’ve had dizzy spells along with the feeling of being hot and cold at the same time. It’s a very scary feeling for me because I’m feeling overwhelmed with it all at once. I think if I was having the symptoms separately, it wouldn’t be as bad, and I could deal with it. I breastfeed my son, but I’ve noticed my milk supply is going down. I’m not currently stressed about anything, and I believe I’m getting an ok amount of sleep. I just don’t know why I’m feeling so off. I’ve had three of these episodes so far and have a doc appt scheduled for this Friday. Has anyone else had these symptoms? Is it cause I’m older now and this is normal?

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Make sure you are well hydrated and your hormones can give you hot flashes like that too. Instantly makes me anxious but if I drink a glass of water and sit for a few minutes it helps!

Hormones. Talk to dr.

Have blood pressure checked.

Are you sure you’re not anemic. Especially after having a csection. I’d check with the doctor to rule out anemia

Might be blood pressure.

Could be hot flashes, I’ve heard a few people describe it like that. Keep your appointment and I wish you luck

You may want to have a repeat lab drawn to check your H/H