I gave birth to my son in my car and he came out bruised: Thoughts?

So the other night at 11 pm I felt my contractions start, but they were sporadic and 10-30seconds. My doctor insisted on not coming in until they were 60sec long and 5mins apart. My husband and I discussed it, and around 12:40 am, we took the kids to my mom’s house. On the way to the hospital, my water broke. No big deal, right? No?! I had him in the car. I started screaming “noooooo” in my demon pain voice; my husband was frantically saying, “just wait”, and then I remember saying, “his head is out!” “Help me take my shorts off”. My husband pulled over, ran around the car and grabbed our son before he fell. My poor baby is so bruised due to slamming into my pelvic bone sitting up and being delivered so fast, but my question is. This is my FIRST natural birth. I’ve always had drugs and getting to my question… Has anyone had a bruised baby? His poor poor face is terrible. How long did it last? Is there anything I can do to help? He had to stay under lights for low temp, but otherwise, they haven’t said anything about his bruises except they are worried he has jaundice. I feel so bad I bruised my baby!


not ur fault. he will heal. congrats


My nephew was bruised. His whole face was a dark purple. He didnt look alive. But all was well.

I gave birth to my daughter in a hospital bed and her face was completely bruised with broken blood vessels in her eyes

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It can happen and there isnt really anything to stop it or heal it after.

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Bruising is pretty normal a baby has to squeeze out of a hole no bigger then they are and it also depends on head size my son had a few facial bruises but my daughter did not have any her head was also tiny

It happens sometimes mama! Congratulations and big props for being a champ! Do not worry about his face, it’ll heal. :two_hearts:


My son was bruised also, but he healed.

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Dont feel guilty at all. He was in a hurry to come out. My 2nd boy was born at home didn’t make it to the hospital in time.

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My daughter’s face wss bruised. It only lasted about two days or less.

My daughters nose was extremely bruised when I gave birth to her in the hospital she just turned one and now all it is is a tiny little spot on the bridge of her nose

Hell be fine. Try not to worry. :blue_heart:

It happens! Dont feel bad! Congrats and good job doing it with no drugs! He will heal just fine :heart::heart::heart::heart:

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Not your fault mama, don’t blame yourself and it’s common, even when giving birth at hospital.

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My 1 month old was pretty bruised on his nose and upper lip from slamming into my pelvis while I was leaned forward getting an epidural. He came so fast! The bruising went away within the first week.

What an awesome story! It will all be fine. My son was born in the hospital and his head was bruised. It went away in a couple days.

My youngest came out so fast that his face was all bruised up. It went away in a few days and now he’s a happy healthy almost 9 year old

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Your doctor is to blame! Not you!

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My son was delivered by Keillands forceps as he was facing the wrong way and was stuck. His face was all bruised where the forceps had turned him round and pulled him out but it only lasted a few days. He will be 30 on the 29th Dec!

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When you give birth vaginally, it creates pressure when you push! Causes the shallow blood vessels on the surface to to break and thats why hes bruised! No biggie hun. Itll disappear soon enough

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