I get major anxiety when I send my child to daycare: Advice?

Does anyone else experience extreme anxiety taking your child to daycare? Like to the point of panic attacks not able to sleep at night? My son went to daycare before COVID, and I was more comfortable sending him there because I grew up with most of the people that worked there and was able to text them throughout the day. When COVID started, he stopped going to daycare, and I had a family member watch him. Long story short, it was time to try daycare again, and I found one with good reviews and seems nice that is close to my job. It was his first day yesterday, and I got in my car and just panicked and cried all day at work. Even after I picked him up and was told he had a good day, I still can’t get over it. Is this normal? My biggest fear is someone not treating my baby right when I’m not around. I feel like I don’t have anyone to talk to.


Ugh I am sorry mama. This was me too and why I couldn’t.

Does your daycare have cameras in the classrooms? If so you can get access so you check in on him during the day.

Ask them to send you pictures throughout the day… I have the numbers of the teachers in the classroom and they are more than willing to send photos or videos if I ask… that always helps

My daycare has an app that documents his day that I get to see through out the day and pictures are also sent on it. It’s nice

I completely understand how you feel :cry:

I have the same fears as we didn’t try it till Christmas n as long as she can stay where she’s at no looking back I’ve seen my daughter grow in so many ways compared to when family was watching her n with her as the only child on our agenda I love that she’s getting that socialization early

We get daily notes if she’s happy sad what she played with what they pooped if they napped went outside n finished their lunch n has a comments section for whatever else. They need something kiddo did some etc.

I’m a 2 year old teacher. I actually switched careers to be able to put my daughter in a school where I work. She started school in the 3 year old room this year and has grown so much.
All of our teachers adore our students. I look forward to seeing “my duckies” every day. We use an app to share photos, videos, and message with parents. Some days we send more than others, because some days are really busy with activities.
I know that it can be scary to entrust your child to a teacher, but in general I think most providers do it because they love kids. It certainly isn’t for salary lol. If you’re nervous in general, tell the teacher that and ask for extra pictures/comments for a few weeks. If the teacher makes you nervous as a person, I’d be more concerned about that.