I get nervous when my niece is around: Advice?

Since being pregnant and having my baby, being around my husband’s niece gives me extreme anxiety, and I worry about my baby’s safety. The child is three and is very defiant and listens to no one. Sometimes the mother just sits and acts like she doesn’t notice her child’s actions, and she’s very sensitive when it comes to others correcting her child. The child constantly runs around, climbs on furniture, and throws things that have actually hit my baby a couple of times, and she always is sneezing and coughing w/ a runny nose, but her mother continues to bring her around. I’ve talked to my husband about it, but he brushes it off. Have any other mom’s experienced this, and what did you do?


Honestly, that sounds like every 3 year old I know.


She sounds 3.

Wait till your baby gets to that age. You’re apparently in for a surprise


You’re very obviously a first time mother lol your kid will do all of these things also prepare yourself


Well it seems like you have two choices. Either be the bad guy and speak up to her and voice your opinion and make it known that things need to change or keep the peace and just hope that nothing happens to your kid and if something does then you have to live with it because you didn’t take the proper steps to prevent it. Or at least try and prevent it. But your husband brushing it off and not listening to you he is not respecting your opinion or your concerns and you need to put a stop to it

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just put a blanket on the floor and give her some toys, toddlers are always full of energy lol

Why do they come over so often is this your husbands sister or brother or what lol seems like she’s over at your house a hole lot

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Dont visit them, all 3 year old have similar behavior, just like you describe it.


Uhh yea normal 3 year.old behavior :joy: i currently have one and they dont listen to shit u get to a point where u sound like a broken record and tired of repeating yourself

Sounds like a normal 3 year old.


Y’all must have some wild kids because throwing things has never been okay in my life or house. If she does something that hurts or upsets the baby you either correct her or get up and leave. There’s no reason you should be miserable. And she needs to absolutely correct her three year old of when she’s older it’ll be hell.


She’s 3. My 3 yo son picked up my 2 week old daughter from her swing while standing on ceramic tiles. I had to run from the kitchen where I was doing dishes and vault over a lounge to grab her off him. Kids will be kids, explain the consequences of what she’s doing that’s undesirable, and praise the good stuff she does. Mention to the mum that when she’s sick, she shouldn’t be brought around.

What until your child is 3, big reality check.

They say terrible twos but what they should say is terrible threes lol.

My daughter was the worst behaved between 2.5-3.5 years old.


Everyone is knocking it as normal behavior but it’s not, 3 is definitely old enough to be able to listen and behave especially around a newborn when plenty of adults are also there.


She sounds 3? If you got a problem with it don’t go around his family

My house, my rules. I would be talking to the mom telling her either you get your child to quit or I will.


Welp i hope your child doesnt become a 3 yr old your in for it.


I’m afraid to tell you but the reality of it is that all 3 year olds are like that :woman_shrugging:
My 3 year old nephew lives wit me and is exactly the same.
Welcome to parenthood :joy:

my older one used to act that way, my younger one just turned three. They are learning new things and trying to see what they can do.

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My son is almost 2 and knows he’s not supposed to throw things. Just because a child is 3 doesn’t mean you should allow her to be destructive in your home around your child. So remove your child from her presence until her mom can correct her behavior. It doesn’t matter how old she is, bad behavior should be corrected even if she doesn’t always listen, that’s on her mother. People think spanking is child abuse or what the fuck ever :rofl: if that’s the last resort then that’s what she needs, but of course only her mom can make that decision. Sucks you have to deal with that