I get sick right after I eat: Advice?

Question for anyone who’s experienced this. I’m 25 weeks pregnant. I was wondering if anyone else has gotten sick right after eating… I’m not sure why this happens? Maybe because I didn’t eat anything else that day? It usually only happens when I forget to eat breakfast; it’s not nausea, though. Just hiccup then get sick; I don’t eat a lot either. I’m just confused.


I was sick the whole entire pregnancy the only thing that I could really keep down with barbecue chips and hot Coke. Try the room temperature Coca-Cola it’s settled my stomach and I burp like a grown man which helped

Eat small frequent meals. Keep some crackers or something by the bed if your not a breakfast person just to get something in your belly.

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I was sick throughout my entire first pregnancy. It seems like the stomach just keeps making acid whether you need it or not, like it expect you to be snacking constantly. Also blood sugar can drop quickly and create sudden hunger and sick feelings, I still get it. You must appease the hunger gods or suffer their raff. :grin:

I had to take promethazine my whole pregnancy or could not keep anything down

This happened to me from week 25 on. Projectile vomit coming out of nowhere right after I ate, even though I felt fine. Baby was taking up so much space he had squashed my stomach to something super tiny, so it couldn’t hold much at one time. Eat small amounts at a time…concentrate on protein first. I also found smoothies and milkshakes stayed down more easily.

Your baby is pissed that you didn’t eat sooner so out of spite it refuses your food :joy:

You’re pregnant you need to eat more. Small, frequent meals, you can keep it healthy if weight gain is a worry to you. You’re no longer eating for you, you’re eating for you and baby

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I had the exact same thing happen. I actually lost weight with my daughter. The best I ever looked. Lol my dr kept telling me I needed to gain weight, but it didn’t happen. On the plus side, baby girl was born completely healthy.

I learned to eat every 2 hours. More like snack. All day long small amounts at a time. The bigger baby gets the less space you are gonna have for food. Won’t hurt to try. Hope you find something that works for you. Wishing you the best

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Sounds like acid reflux.

I had the same problem. It was acid reflux. I used Reglan during both of my pregnancies and it usually resolved enough during the second trimester that I could just take an over the counter safe reflux medicine daily.

When I was pregnant with my oldest I only ever got sick if I ate before like 9 or 10 in the morning. Lol. I never figured out why I just made sure I didn’t eat too early in the morning.

And actually I’m NOT pregnant but if I go too long without eating, to the point my stomach really starts hurting and then I eat, my stomach gets quite upset after I eat.

As they say every pregnancy is different. For me it didn’t matter what I ate or drank. Whatever I tried putting down it just came right back up even water. I would have to take my time and eat very little and slowly try to avoid vomiting.

I get sick if I forget to eat and when I do eat, I throw up. I have dealt with that even when not pregnant. Now at 18 weeks I am constantly nauseated, but I always have something that I can eat if I forget a meal. I have peanut butter crackers in my car and purse. I also can not eat much when I eat or I throw up. I just try to eat protein to help with energy and zofran is my best friend, and LOTS of water

Being in my 3rd trimester l, I’ve had this issue multiple times. Sucking on saltines help me alot. And then my OB has also eprscribed me zofran. And I take it about 15 min before I eat. So you might talk to him or her about that.

I felt like this my whole pregnancy with my son. I felt like after I ate it sat right in my throat I didn’t feel sick or anything but I did feel better after I threw up tho. Doctor did say it was because the baby was getting bigger

I don’t know if this will help but during my first pregnancy, if I didn’t eat immediately after I got hungry, I’d vomit it all up.

I did with my first. I learned I had to eat more often. I also figured out if I took a few bites, I would get sick and then I could come back and finish my food. I apparently was getting super sick when I was too hungry.

Be sure to eat every couple of hours small meals and your vitamins might make you sick? Try gummies instead.