I got accepted to a program I really want but don't want to leave my kids: Advice?

I recently got accepted into the program for the field that I want to be in. I was obviously super excited, but as the start day inches closer, I am so overwhelmed and stressed about it. I have twins that just turned two, and I’ve been a stay at home mom since I had them. Once I start this program, I will be gone M-F at least 6 am-6 pm, and I have never been away from my kids that much, the longest I’ve ever been away is an overnight stay with their grandparents. I know once I started working, I would be away from them about that much as well, but I just fear that at this age, they will not understand why mommy isn’t there with them. My sister that I trust with them, will be keeping them while I am in class; however, I can’t shake the anxiety. What if something happens? What if they get choked on something? What if they fall and get really hurt? I know she can take care of them, and I know these things could happen while I am there, but I’m not sure why I can’t get over this anxiety. My husband had told me that the choice is obviously mine to make, but I’m just not sure what to do. Once I start the program, I have to finish out at least the first semester, or else it will cause problems with my financial aid. I can stay home for another 1.5 years until the program enrollment begins again, or I can go ahead and start. Just wanting other mamas opinions, thank you


Start your program!! Kids are resilient and they will love you no matter what! Plus it’s nice your sister will be with them !


You will regret it if you don’t do it. Just try to make the time you do have with your kids count


They are 2? They won’t remember. Do what’s in your child’s best interest, for their future. I would never hold it against my mom if she did this, I would be proud of her. Do your school!!

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Do it now or you’ll always wonder what if. The babies will be fine


Your feelings are definitely normal. But don’t pass up a good opportunity because of it. Kids adjust fine and they will be with someone you trust. I would go for it!


You’ll be just fine do your program. It’s natural to feel this way once you get into your daily “flow” everything will be just fine. Congress


i have to start working full time here in the next few months and my anxiety is shot… the most my daughters even let someone watch her was 4 hours before the bloody murder scream started.

Hello, I wanted to send an email but the link isn’t working? Am I missing something?

I was the provider when I had my first born. I didn’t work longer than a year because my child needed me not a paycheck. My job started a work from home program and it was hard but being home my child learned to crawl stand and walk finally and was eating good. When I got pregnant with my second born I was laid off and I never went back. I busted my ass for my career but a paycheck isn’t what my kids needed from me and I couldn’t give give my career the focus it needed from me. I have been a stay at home mom since the lay offs and I have no regrets. Seeing my first born suffer so much without me changed my drive.

My kids are also on the Autism Spectrum and I am a therapist/social service provider so I couldn’t abandon my kids to care for other families in ways my kids needed. :no_good_woman:t2::no_good_woman:t2:

Think about the rainbow when the stress is gone. Regret is a heavy burden on you down the road… sending good vibes

As a working mom, I can tell you your kids will be just fine. Go for your dreams. It’s perfectly ok to be a mommy and still be you and do things to better yourself and focus on your personal goals. It serves also as an example for your kids of a strong, independent mother figure who is capable of balancing everything, including time with your kids. You got this.


Start the program. The kids will be fine. I understand having anxiety about leaving them but in all honesty, its going to bother you way more than it does them. Parents have a right to make their dreams come true. If you pass this up, you could resent it later.

You will have the same worries and feeling in 1.5years time, it’s a natural feeling as a mother.
Your sister will be fine and you will see them at the end of each night, keep up to date throughout the day. You are lucky to have the childcare around you.
Go for it. Do it for them and yourself for the future :slightly_smiling_face:

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Go start your program, your babies will be fine, you’ll miss them and they’ll miss you but everything will work out fine. It’s good that you have family support.

Start leaving them with your sister for short time, then a little longer. Get toys jumbo crayons and paper for them.
Tell them why you are away from home and where you are going and why you are going.
Soon they will be asking you if you are not going to class.
Observe all Covid 19 protocols so you don’t place them in danger.

It’s normal to feel this way. You need to out way your choices. You can do this now or 1 1/2 years from now. The children does need time away from you . Otherwise they will cry every time you do want someone else to watch them. Try 1 hour a week.Then move it up . See how that goes. You’ll learn to enjoy these breaks over time. Good for them and you. Just make sure who ever watches your children share your values. Good luck in your decision.

Agree on all the comments, kids blossom and become independent beauty’s. Do it while they are young it’s becomes normal quicker for them, but as a family the rewards are endless. Good luck, they will love their special time with you more

Personally if you can do it in 18 months time, I’d do that.They are still young and to be away for 12 hours a day is a long time and you’ll never get that time back.By the time they are 3½ they’ll be more independent and possibly at nursery.Don’t beat yourself up, if you are that stressed about it wait and do it later.x

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Earlier The Better They Wont Remember Now Do Whats Best For You