I got in a fight with my family and now I don't want them to come thanksgiving: Advice?

So long story short because of my four year old my dog got pregnant, and we had an accidental litter of puppies (the spay appointment was literally two weeks away when she went into heat and got pregnant). My mother in law decided she wanted one of our puppies. Seeing as we only care about them going to a good home, we gave her a pick of the litter, and she couldn’t choose between our two male pups. So once the puppies were weaned enough to be away from their mother for a bit, we drove over (2 hrs away) and let her see them. The puppies were six weeks old at this point. There was a large family get together, everyone enjoyed seeing the puppies, and my MIL picked one out. Well… Here is where the problem starts. My father in law believes that puppies can be separated from their mom at six weeks. All the research I’ve is done, breeders I’ve talked to, and even the state law says puppies need to be with their mom for eight weeks minimum. I insisted that they could have him at eight weeks and that I would not let it leave at 6 (which she knew before we brought the pups down). By the end of the night, my FIL screamed at me, and it ended with “take your stupid f-ing dog and get the F out you reed loud mouth b**.” And he stormed out. Since then he sent a half-ass apology to my husband saying that he is sorry he caused me to yell at him for it, which I didn’t do, and that he can stop helping him with his side business that we have been spending our own money and sacrificed literally every weekend to drive over to help with. When my husband replied that he wasn’t the one he should be apologizing to and that he will not stand for me to be talked to that way, we have heard absolutely nothing from them until today. My MIL, who was there, saw the whole thing happened, and actually agreed with my FIL, is wanting us to come to Thanksgiving. Is it petty or wrong to say no? At this point I’m not even wanting to give them the pup simply because they reacted like that over two weeks. I don’t want to be around them as this isn’t the first problem I’ve had with my FIL, and my husband is done with me being disrespected when he isn’t around.


I prefer keeping the pups with litter mates till 12 weeks


So then tell them you want to do Thanksgiving with Judy your husband. And those pups. You don’t have to get along with your families. Is it toxic to you? If the answer is yes, then dump them.


Wow! You are definitely right about eight weeks. And screw them. It’s not serious enough to start that type of fight and say such ridiculous things.


I wouldn’t go to thanksgiving with them or give them a puppy


8wks is still so young. I cant help but compare them to human babies at their corresponding age stages. Also heck no dont go to Thanksgiving over there! The way that psycho spoke to you is horrendous.


You are not being petty! Stay home or do something you enjoy for the day. I’d keep the puppy too :innocent:.


Hell no … I’m confused, how did the dog get preg because if your 4 yr old


Nope don’t go. My husbands father laid into me one day for the stupidest of reason. That was probably 1.5 years ago and I refuse to go to their home for holidays. And since I’ve never received an apology my husband doesn’t either.


Don’t go. Simple as that. You’re an adult, those are your puppies.


Don’t go, everything is still hot. Time will tell if everything will be okay again.


You shouldn’t have taken the pup down there until it was old enough to give away… yes you should go to Thanksgiving. They’re your family and this is petty. Give them the pup at 8 weeks… apologize sincerely and move on… damn. :expressionless:

I wouldn’t go and I wouldn’t even give them the puppy. Disrespect does not get rewarded. In Laws or not, you have to take a stand for yourself and it sounds like your husband is willing to as well. Have your own Thanksgiving :wink:


Personally, i wouldn’t go unless they both admitted they were wrong and apologized appropriately. If you Ali it they will jyst keep doin it.


Yeahhh 8 weeks is definitely better for the puppy AND just bc he disnt get his way he has to act like a child. Bye felicia. No one wants ur half ass pathetic attempt at an apology and not even to the person you owe the apology too.

Not to sound rude, but don’t blame your kid for your dog getting pregnant, that’s on you, you’re the adult who should be watching both of them, as for Thanksgiving, I’d give it a miss, and do your own thing, they sound horrible, would not give them a pup either if they have a tantrum when they dont get what they want. :smirk:


I wouldn’t give an innocent puppy to someone with a short temper like that!!!


I’d say no. No shame.

not petty at all… no puppy no thanksgiving … drama free


I would say get fucked lol I’m petty and I value my worth more