I got pregnant by someone who took advantage of me and now he won't stop harrassing me: Advice?

Hey, I’m currently pregnant, and I don’t know what the gender is yet and my baby father is trying to control me. Here is the full story, two months ago, I made some bad decisions with my friends and illegal things and this man I thought who was my friend took advantage of me when I couldn’t defend myself from having these illegal drugs in my system at the time. Now I’m pregnant with his child and he’s trying to control me. I don’t want this man; I don’t like this man, and preferably I don’t want him in my life, but for the baby’s sake, I want him in his kid’s life. I’m currently seeing this man I have been talking to for a month and a half now, I’m really into this man, and I love the relationship that we have. He knows about my baby, and he knows about what happens, and he doesn’t like my baby father. The thing is, every time my boyfriend and I go on a date and my baby father is trying to come to my house for whatever reason he told me that I’m full of shit and that I open my legs up for everyone when I didn’t even open my legs up for him consensually. He tries controlling me, telling me I can’t go on dates with my boyfriend and that he will show up to my house and stop me from going anywhere with anyone, whether it’s my friends or my boyfriend. And I love my unborn baby, but I hate my baby father because I thought he was my friend, and he took advantage of me when I couldn’t defend myself, so I don’t want anything to do with him other than this baby. But he keeps messaging me and trying to control me and calling me out my name, and I thought he was a good dude. He’s talking about fighting my boyfriend and telling me I can’t do anything without him when my baby father has told me countless times that he doesn’t want anything to do with me or my baby. So I have blocked him in everything. He got a new phone and texted me from it, asking when my appointments are because he wants to go, and I’m not comfortable with him going to any of my appointments or going when I’m in labor. My current boyfriend has been there for me since I first found out, he was at the hospital with me when I had pelvic pain, and it was confirmed that I was pregnant with my baby father-child. He has gone with me every time my pain got worse because the doctors thought my baby was Ectopic, but thank god my baby isn’t, and he or she is okay. My boyfriend has been there. He has been holding me, handling my mood swings, feeding me, and making sure the baby and I is okay. Every time I’ve been to the hospital every three days for them to check my HCG level to see if they are doubling as they should, my boyfriend has been right next to me each time. I have told my baby father every time I’ve gone to the hospital and what has happened, and he doesn’t care. Yesterday he texted me telling me that he is going to my appointments whether my boyfriend is there or not. And I’m not comfortable with that because I’m more comfortable with my boyfriend going through this with me because he treats this and if it was his child in my stomach and nothing less. I love that so much about him. Even tho the baby isn’t his; he tells me how is our baby doing, how is my son or daughter doing, and are you okay today? , how are you and my baby feeling today. And it’s more than my baby father has done in 2 months. I love this man to death because I have known him for years, but we decided to give us a try a month and a half ago and I could not be happier. So my question is, What should I do about my baby father? I’m very uncomfortable with him and I don’t like him texting me or talking to me but I allow because this baby is his. Should I co-parent with me, should I just let him see him or her from time to time; I’m at a lost on what to do with my baby father.


File a restraining order…like yesterday!!


Get a restraining order :woman_shrugging:


He sounds very unstable. You might want to take legal action against him. Also, if he is unstable do you really want him around your baby?


Ever hear of a pistol. This is what bullets are made for


Girl get a restraining order against him


Restraining order and don’t put baby daddy on the birth certificate.


File a restraining order ASAP!! Not even safe for that child nope


This man raped you! If you didn’t want it and couldn’t defend yourself, that is rape. File a report and lose touch with him. Drop the drama, stay clean, and have a happy life.


Restraining order and rape charges…whether your under the influence of drugs or not that’s rape…


Why in the world would you want someone like that around your child? Im all for fathers rights but that guy is unstable.


Um isn’t that rape ? Press charges !


Get restraining order and change your number. Do not answer calls u dont recognize the number and do not reply to his text. Block his number from ur phone


Get a CPO!!! File harassment charges and rape!

I want to applaud you for you keeping the baby. Same situation for me kinda and that’s what I fought with the most is keeping a baby or giving up baby.

But keep you 3 safe, so definitely should be making a call and going towards the restraining order and maybe look into getting harassment charges


Sounds like my situation get a restraining order

Get restraining order against him

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I woulsnt involve him…dont answer phone or text if he is such a bad dude then dont let him around baby…just ignore ignore ignore…hes wanting a reaction from u…dont give him one

Screenshot everything, collect evidence, take pictures and get a restraining order ASAP. Your baby will not be safe


Go to a women in need type of place for help and file a protective order