I got pregnant from a one night stand: How can I tell the father?

Any advice on how to tell a First time potential first father… That our one-night stand has resulted in pregnancy and any ideas on how to move forward with such an awkward scenario? We are practically strangers… thanks. Love the page. Well done. Have a good day.


Easy call or text and go I am pregnant


Did you use any type of protection or contraceptive? If not, he should be aware it could possibly happen. So just tell him.


Just say it. It’s a fact that can be proven. Don’t wait he should know.


So whoever u had the one night stand with…u give him a call …🤷


“Potential 1st time father” makes it seem like you are not sure who the father is… just saying not assuming.


insert basic bitch quote about going to legal and filing for child support and taking child away from dad before it’s even born like every other chick does on this page

I’d tell him and if he dont want involved decide if u wanna do it by yourself or look at options


Call him, ask to meet for dinner, and tell him. Tell him he is invited to all appointments (if you are comfortable with that). If you don’t want him at appointments, tell him you will let him know how the appointments go. Also, tell him you will not fight 50/50 custody (if not breastfeeding). You both made the baby, you both should be equally involved and responsible. Good luck!


I just wanted you to know…


So you can get naked and sleep with him but you don’t know how to tell him something important? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Face to face. This is not a phone call or text situation.


If you are 100% sure it’s him tell him.
Spend the 9 months getting to know him after all he will have a 50/50 claim on the kid


not sure I’d tell him, to be honest. What do you expect to get from a situation like that? You could tell him, then he’ll run like hell, or yell YAY at the top of his lungs, and marry you and be there for the kid. Which is kind of unlikely


Don’t just text him and tell him. Be mature and considerate & Meet up with him somewhere like a coffee shop or something and be mature about this situation. You don’t just want to TELL him you’ve fallen pregnant but also after he’s taken the news in a bit Ask him his opinion. Ask him if you were to keep the baby would he want to apart of baby’s life also taking into account use two are strangers who will now co-parent. It maybe awkward because you don’t know this guy and have gone from 0-100 real quick but it’s the wise, adult, mature thing to do.

Good luck :blush:


He has a right to know


I would tell him. Let him know that if he wants to be apart of the baby’s life he is more than welcome (if you want that). I wish you a safe and healthy pregnancy!

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Watch the movie Knocked Up. Might give you an idea haha

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Make an appt and have your first ultrasound done. It will be able to better calculate your conception date. Make sure there is not one shadow of a doubt he is the father before you tell him. You say “potential” like there may be another guy who could be the dad. If so, make sure the conception date lines up to when you had sex with whoever you need to tell. He has a right to at least know he’s going to be a dad. Keep your expectations low as to how far he decides to go with being involved. He may balk. Be prepared for that. He also may step up 100%. My point is, be prepared for whatever could possibly happen after you tell him. Good luck to you. I wish I had better advice.


That’s a tough one. I’d try to tell him in person and tell him if you guys don’t agree to try to be a family them Co parent and show the world it can be done. Good luck mama.

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