I had my 3rd daughter a few months ago and am dealing with depression: Advice?

I had my 3rd daughter back in May. A couple of weeks after I have been depressed. Anxiety going crazy. I am trying to figure what is wrong. I love my babies. I am trying to figure out what is causing me to be depressed. I shouldn’t be depressed but I am. Please help.


It happens baby girl. Mabey postpartum depression. Go see the doctor. I take cymbalta. I feel way better. It doesn’t make you weak to get help. Best of luck. Hugs

It happens. Talk with your doctor. I had such bad anxiety and depression and got help because I was taking my anger out on my family. And it’s been amazing!

Call your doctor! It could be postpartum depression or your thyroid could be out of wack too!

It could be something as simple as your hormones being out of wack. Its nothing to be upset about it is normal to get depressed after a baby, its okay to seek help or be on medication, it happens way more than people think. I’ve been there and the medication really helps get you back to your normal.

Talk with your doctor.

Gosh dang hormones. It doesn’t matter if everything is good and you “shouldn’t be depressed” because those hormones control everything! After pregnancy they can be sooo out of wack, some women have it worse.

Hormones. Most likely anyways. Talk to your Dr and get some medicine to balance your chemicals. I take sertraline and did while breastfeeding too.

PPD mine kicked in at 2 months PP. Doctor gave me zoloft for 6 months & haven’t needed it since. Talk to your dr

PPD. I was like that and it took a lot to feel “normal” again. Take time for yourself. Give yourself a break. Take a walk. Not saying this will fix everything but it helped me a little bit. Then talk to your doctor. They may have something else for you to try.

Postpartum depression is real. I adored my baby but had trouble being around her. I was so out of wack it was unreal. I finally talked with my Dr and got help but it does crazy things and can be dangerous. Please seek help

Talk to your doctor. Only advice you should be taking online.

PPD and this whole virus and staying in probably isn’t helping

Everyone has a few blue days a month.(the blues) It’s normal. Definitely a chemical imbalance. And you definitely have an excuse for why you feel that way right now. My advice would be to improve your diet, exercise releases endorphins, and try to do things that make you feel… you. If things do not improve, then absolutely talk to your doctor.

Good thing is, it’s VERY common!! Try to relax and enjoy the tiny ones. I know it’s easier said than done, you will feel better with time, but reach out to a doc for meds if it interferes with your mommy duties :v:t3::heart:

Please call your Dr. Asap, went thru this myself after I had my daughter. It is common and treatable please don’t let it get any worse.

Talk to your Dr. Postpartum depression is nothing to play around with.

All this advice ur getting is great! Always remember you are NOT ALONE. Seek help, don’t keep anything bottled up inside or be ashamed of your thoughts and feelings. There’s help out there. And prayer works too :heart:

I had to be put on a medication for postpartum anxiety / depression. Go talk to your doctor.

I just had my 6 week appointment today and talked about my depression. I was so happy and chill during my pregnancy and then it all changed a week after i had my baby. I was prescribed Zoloft today.i had it with my first born as well. Don’t ignore it please call your Dr and tell them whats going on they will help you! Good luck momma you got this !:muscle::muscle: