I had my son in 2018 and still haven't gotten a period: Advice?

I had my son in September 2018. I stopped breastfeeding in March 2018. I still have no period, and I’m cramping through the days, and it’s been eight months since I stopped breastfeeding. I’m not pregnant, dr did a blood test and ultrasound for anything abnormal, both were fine. Anyone else has this problem?


I dont see this as a problem. Lol unless you want more kids. :frowning:

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Did your doc check hormone levels?

Doesn’t PCOS cause for irregular periods and or complete stops of periods. I also heard it can go undiagnosed for many years.


Um just to clarify did you mean you stopped breast feeding in 2019?

Any stress, lifestyle change, maybe hormone imbalance?

When I was 18 way before I had kids I didn’t have a period for the whole year. I still don’t know why. I’m 29 now

I didnt get a period from the time I had my son, Jan 2018 until after my miscarriage in April 2019. Everybody is different!

Some family planning can also be the cause

It takes a whole year + for your body to heal from having a baby. Any added stress, changes, or hormone issues will also cause this. Personally i say lucky u. I got my period 8 weeks after giving birth and both my babies were exclusively breast fed till 8m to a year. If your super worried go to your Dr. Get some answers.

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What kind of birth control is she using? When I was getting the depo shot after my daughter it made my periods stop.

How’d you stop breastfeeding before you had your baby :woman_shrugging:t2:


It made periods abnormal

It can take a few months and could be so light you don’t notice it.

Worth going into Dr and getting checked out as from googling it could potentially be a sign of PCOS, or some other hormonal imbalance.

Hope this helps.

Yes my son is a year old today. And ii havent breast fed him in 2 months and still no period for me either

Might want to be on mini pill to jump start it I had same issues after my first born.

I use to get my period only once or twice a year that’s just the way it went .I had 2 daughter’s and they are fine and so am i

Consider yourself lucky LOL

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It could be a 101 different reasons as to why you are not having a period, anything from diet to sleep. Definately speak to the doctor about this. I pray that it is something simple that is an easy fix for you.

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I had my son 7/25/18 and didn’t get my period until 8/22/19. I am also breast feeding