I had positive pregnancy tests but started spotting: Advice?

So I’ve been having symptoms of pregnancy, so today I took 2 of the test that says 5 days sooner. They both came back positive. Note that today is actually my period day. I was super excited because I’ve been trying to get pregnant. An hour later, I started bleeding; I was super upset. But my mom went and got 3 of the cheap $1 test because she says it looks like I’m only spotting, and they all say positive too. I have a doctor’s appointment Monday. I’m just assuming they are false negative n I’m just starting my period. But five positive tests? Idk anyone else ever experiences this and the outcome?


Could it be implantation bleeding? Thats what it sounds like

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Could just be having spotting because your body is used to having it’s period my sister spotted on and off for the first few months of her first pregnancy

I’ve heard you dont get a false positive. If you have rh- blood that may be the cause for your spotting. Other than that, its probably just some spotting, I’ve done this with all of my pregnancies

I agree it sounds like implantation bleeding. I would mention it to you doctor on monday when you go.

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It could also be a chemical pregnancy.

Does it looks red or brown…? If it’s brown I wouldn’t worry to much it could be old blood. This happened to me because I have a heart shaped uterus and one side didn’t know I was pregnant yet so I bleed a bit at the beginning.

Also wear a pad so you can tell the doctor how much you’ve been bleeding.

My dr told me that right before you start your period, your hormone levels spike significantly, which could show a positive pregnancy test. And as soon as you start they drop. This is my personal experience. I pray that you are having a different outcome! Implantation bleeding, perhaps? Fingers crossed, sweet lady :hugs::crossed_fingers:

True False positives are very rare. There’s no way you’d get 5. Early spotting is very common.


I spotted until my second trimester

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No false positives are rare and to get five. Spotting is normal in early pregnancy. Try to relax and don’t stress!! I spotted we two of mine and they are healthy! Congratulations mommy!!!


I had spotting with all of my pregnancies early on. Ask to be put on a progesterone vaginal suppository - they saved all of my pregnancies!

Could be implantation bleeding.


Happened with two of my kids. I was still pregnant. With one it happened for a couple months off and on. He is healthy as can be.

I also bled after a positive pregnancy test and I am now 5 months along.

I spotted for month 1 and 2 during my pregnancy during what would have been my period times. All turned out perfectly

Could be implantation bleeding!! I spotted with all my pregnancies!! Get a better test and take it first thing in the morning!!

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Spotting I’d bet is implantation bleeding. Especially this early.

False positives are rare. If you did start your period, it would medically be considered a chemical pregnancy. But a lot of women have spotted that early, myself included.

With both of my kids I spotted around the time of my period for the first trimester