I have 0 sex-drive: Advice?

My husband and I have been together for five years. We have three kids; my two youngest are 16 months and three months old. So as you can imagine, life is somewhat stressful for me. My husband works a lot but doesn’t help much with the kids. Here lately, he’s been adamant about trying to have sex. He always seems to want it at the most difficult times. He’s all over me, and all I wanna do is push him away. I have zero interest in him sexually right now. Idk if I’m falling out of love or if it’s just my hormones. Have any of you other ladies been through this? Does it pass?

Think back, is there a certain incident that has made you turn your nose to sexual action?

If not, then you might be experiencing a hormone imbalance. I would consult a doctor and see if there is a hormone supplement that can help. In the meantime, try different things that may ignite the desire. Get a vibrator or other toy and see if it can help as well.