I have a cold and don't want to pass it to my baby: Advice?

I came down with a cold. My husband has been watching my little one, who is ten weeks. I have been washing my hands constantly. I am wearing two face masks and trying to stay in the extra bedroom. Any advice on how not to get her sick? Also, the best cold remedies to knock this cold out in a day or two. I’m terrified she is going to catch it.

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The best way for her not to get sick is to get sick. She needs to be building her immune system, take care of her. Be cautious but the extremes you’re going to aren’t necessary.


Elderberry is great for an immune boost. Lots of orange juice and hot tea. Lysol and crack a window in the house. Sleep with a humidifier :purple_heart:. We are all battling colds right now too. Hope you feel better


Babies catch colds it’s perfectly normal my daughter had her first cold at 4 weeks and was fine and a healthy 2 year old, you need to just keep cleaning your hands and no kissing baby but as for face masks that’s beyond ridiculous, honey and lemon drink will help you get rid of it


And, take this from a 20 year nurse, she was already exposed to ghe virus by you even before you started showing symptoms. Just wash your hands frequently and try not to cough or sneeze in her face. She is old enough that she will be fine if she does get it.


Alka seltzer works. Taste gross but it seriously knocks it out in as little as a day.

If you’re breastfeeding, she was getting antibodies from you before you even had symptoms but had been exposed.


My daughter got sick everytime I did the first year. This second year she hasn’t been sick at all! (Thank goodness) Be clean, no kisses… Don’t stress yourself out mama!

If you breastfeed continue as normal you will pass your antibodies to her, per recommendation from my Dr. So long as its not something weird and unknown you’re fine to continue


For you, I would recommend the Zicam meltaways. They are amazing.

My daughter was a week old and both of us cought a cold 🤦 I took dayquil (I believe by that shit like one them extramist moms with the crystals and curing cancer with a rock) and I called my ped to see what to give her he suggested tylenol as needed and a humidifier, honestly though being extra paranoid not gonna help baby just wash your hand and if she does get sick give the proper meds suggested by your ped

I got the flu when my oldest was a month old. I was nursing her at the time. I called her doctor and she said the best thing for her was to keep nursing so she could get anti bodies to help protect her

Babies have antibodies from you for a little while and if your breastfeeding they have them longer. Healthy babies have great immune systems and the common cold is fine for your baby to be around it will help her immune system fight off worse things. You should drink tons of fluids up the vitamin C dont kiss the baby and wash your hands.

Breast milk even just a little bit gives the baby your antibodies to help get stronger against it. Even if you can’t give It to them you can bottle feed it to them and use precautions like listed above. Best medicine is the virus itself cuz you become stronger.

Breastfeeding provides great amount of antibodies that can be passed to your baby

Breastfeeding and staying around her

At 10 weeks hun shes still got your antibodies she probably wont get badly sick. She will have your antibodies until about 6 months, and then probably get a stinking cold, my son did, hes 8 months now even if she did get your cold it would most probably be mild and she would sail through it quicker then we do. You really shouldn’t wear 2 face masks, and I washed my hands so much when he was born and leading into lockdown, I have myself dermatitis and ended up with bleeding sore hands, believe me a little cold is alot better then covered in blood and freaked out by face masks baby x

Rest cold pills and vicks
Nothing you can do for a cold just hast to run its course.

I wouldn’t avoid your baby.
Otherwise when she does pick up a standard cold she will be super poorly.
Babys learn to fight against colds etc by getting them.

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