I have a fear something is going to go wrong with my c-section: Thoughts?

Was just diagnosed with anemia and I’m having a second c section on Friday, and I’m terrified something is going to go wrong, has anyone else had a strong fear of dying during their scheduled c section? I feel like I’m gonna leave my son and fiance behind.


Not a Csection but chikd birth for sure .My third I hemmoraged at 4 days post partum and that was the scariest thing I ever went through … When I had my fourth I was a wreck the whole pregnancy .

I didn’t with my csection (1) but arriving at 33 weeks on the dot on my birthday 3.5 years ago

You will be fine. I had a little anxiety about my scheduled. But that’s what it is, cuz its scheduled and not spontaneous. Itll be over before you know it and your sweet babes is gonna be on your chest and your s/o by your side the whole time.

I think it’s normal. I’m the same way

It’s good that they know you’re anemic, now they’ll be extra prepared and ready for a blood transfusion.

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I think everyone gets that anxiety before its time… trust the Docs.

I also had that dear with my second one. My first c section didn’t go so well. I had a great team of doctors and expressed my fear with them and concerns. They really reassured me if anything happened they would be right there ontop of it. I know it’s a very hard thing to go through, but they are trained and it’s a routine surgery. I hope everything goes smooth for you! Praying for you and that it’s a speedy recovery.

Its anxiety, completely normal. I have to have a second one too and i know once i get closer i wll panic, the doctors literally do c sections almost every day!! I promise you will be okay :heart:

I thought this when I had my c section 2 years ago, I think it’s pretty normal to think the worst tbh xx

No. You won’t be put under and that’s the most dangerous part of any surgery

Everytime! I was so scared, my 4th i had an extra I.V put in incase I started losing blood due to have a window on my uterus, everytime when I started shaking because I was so cold I thought that was going to be the end. Holding your little will make it all go away

Just put it in God’s hands. Pray!

I think its natural fear but definitely discuss with your dr. I I hemeraged with my first natural birth my second I had a subchornic hemerage and she was breech so I had a schedule c section and was beyond terrified. Prayers for you mama. God has a plan

I had 3 c sections momma. You’re good! I was anemic too and everything went fine! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m also on blood thinners. So you got this!

My son and I both almost died when I had an emergency c section. They couldn’t “find” the anesthesiologists and had to cut me open before he got there to save my babies life. Most traumatic experience of my life. When my baby was 7 months old, I found myself pregnant again. I spent most of my pregnancy crying because of this exact reason. But like others said. It’s scheduled so they will be there and prepared. I just keep telling myself it’ll be ok, you’ll get thru it mama :heart:

Awe it will be ok! Breathe they have a whole team of doctors in the o.r just incase

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I had 2 C-sections I was very nervous, but not scared. I did have a few thought of death especially now days it gives me so much anxiety. However you will be ok just don’t think about it. Think about seeing your baby when it’s all over. Make sure your fiancé is by your side the whole way threw the procedure that will give you comfort. Don’t worry yourself with somethings you can’t control like death. Focus on the positive, and not the negative. Get ready to hold baby, and love baby it will be over before you know it :two_hearts:

I had 2. One was emergency with no complications. The second was a breeze too. My son was born sick but that had nothing to with the c-section. Don’t be negative. Think positive and what your end goal is. :blush:

I did almost and both of us had to be brought back. BUT that’s also rare. So relax and have faith in your dr. Let her know your fears. Ask questions.