I have a feeling my husband cheated while deployed: Thoughts?

Sorry for the long post. But I’m just feeling lost and have no one to really talk to. My husband was deployed for a year and was super sketchy while deployed. I knew something was up, so I hacked his Facebook and saw him talking to a “friend” they got matching tattoos. When I confronted him, he said they were friends, and it was nothing. I threatened to take the kids and leave, and he apologized told me he made a drunken mistake. I forgave him. When he got back from deployment, things were different. We talked about having another baby, and he didn’t want one but didn’t prevent it. We had our baby, and things drastically changed. He became distant, always on his phone. We have never been super secretive and always knew each other’s passwords to our phones, and he recently changed his! I started getting a gut feeling something was wrong, so I checked our phone bill and noticed he had been receiving and making phone calls at weird times… on his way to work, on his lunch break, and before coming home. Not just a few minute phone calls but like 30-40 mins each time for the past 3 months. I confronted him, and he told me it was none of my business, and that he had friends. Deep down, I know it’s more, and I want answers. He is brushing it off like I’m crazy, that he has no privacy, and he can’t have friends because of me. I asked him if it was a man or a woman, and I just get its none of my business. I’m just broken and need to be assured I’m not the crazy one.


If he is military go to jag and get a divorce 🤷 u have ur answers already


He made a “drunken mistake” yet got matching tattoos? Yeah ok, Mrs. Gullible.


Did you call the number?


Get a lawyer and leave. Make sure you get what he is supposed to provide. He is definitely stepping out. He got a matching tat yea no way he isn’t cheating


if you ever have any doubt like this it’s just best to cut ties

Leave. Gut feelings are 9/10 right.

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He’s lying to you big time he up too something

Dont sell yourself short. U deserve better…matching tattoos? R u fn kidding me???


He’s cheating. Leave his ass!!

You stuck around with that a lot longer than I would have. Leave while you can. Custody arrangement and divorce. Try to make things as easy for kids as possible. He’s in military so most likely you’ll be top dog.


Leave if you feel like something is going on and hes not being honest with you leave

Leave don’t put yourself threw that

Clearly he’s not happy and he’s probably only with you for the kids. I hate to say that but I’ve seen it way too many times. Stop being in denial and giving him the choice. Leave


Get some counseling and then you can make better decisions. Even if he’s not cheating, his attitude sucks.

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Call the number. Tell said person who you are. & Be direct. Not rude. Get the answers you want/need.
Imo, men do not get “matching” tattoos with a ‘friend’. My husband sure wouldn’t.


Ya he’s cheating hun I’m so sorry

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You know the answer girl


Yep - cheating. For sure. Make a plan and get out.


It’s none of your business? You are his wife! He’s definitely cheating.