I have a friend dating a married man: Thoughts?

Hi everybody. I’m very concerned about my friend’s situation. My coworker and I met about three months ago at work, and she became my friend. So one day, she confessed that she has been " dating this married man" for almost three years now. He has a wife and a daughter. I was really upset and uncomfortable when she confessed this to me. I told her to break up with him immediately, and what she is doing is wrong. Sooner or later, she is gonna break that family in pieces. Every time that she wants to meet up with him in her apartment. I always try to invite her over to my house so we can watch a movie together or hang out, so she doesn’t have to see this man. I’m trying to push her away from him, but it is hard because she is not cooperating, and she doesn’t want to let go of this man at all. She considers herself a " religious person," but I don’t believe so. I told my husband about my friend’s situation, but he doesn’t want to comment about it, and he told me that she has to deal with it. What should I do? Should I stop hanging out with her? Should I try to help her and persuade her to get rid of that man? I’m just sad and upset that she is breaking a family, and my help isn’t enough.


If she was so religious then she wouldn’t be screwing a married man and you should cut ties before she screws your husband next


You do you and she does her. Simple as that🤷🏻‍♀️


It’s not your problem. It’s hers and his.


Personally I would at least keep her a safe distance away dont get to attached as a friend that is wrong on so many levels


It sucks for the wife and child but you can’t break up a happy home
HE took the wedding vows not her


Not your problem. either be her friend or don’t, but THAT isn’t your mess.


not your circus, not your monkey.


Keep out of it. It also wouldn’t be just her messing that family up I think the dude plays a major part of that. Just saying.


She doesn’t realize it but in the end she’s the one whose going to be hurt. It’s been 3 years and she hasn’t been enough for him to divorce his wife. He wants his cake and to eat it too and she’s being played a fool. I also think it’s wrong but it’s not my place to judge. Judge her on how she treats you as a friend.


You’ve known her 3 months and you’re this involved in her business? You have your own issues to work on.


She’s been seeing that man way longer than you’ve been friends. I would do my best not to get super close to her and let her do what she’s going to do. Maybe hang out every once in a while and let the story go?!
I’ve had friends do things I didn’t agree with. I just ignore that part of their life and enjoyed their company anyway. If it’s not something you can look past then move forward.


I always say doesn’t matter who they with as long it’s not your man lol


Tell her you want nothing to do with that situation.

Tell her it’s taking a toll on your mental health (stress) & that you have given your advice & she needs to make the right choice.


Stay out of it if you dont agree with it. Personally i wouldnt remain friends with someone who will do that- says alot about their morals.


Ask to meet him, get his info, find the wife and spill the beans. They’ll break up after that.


Just keep her away from your guy cause well its obvious she don’t care about anyone in a relationship


Stop trying to be captain save a hoe.


Unfortunately it’s not your business as bad as it sounds. If she’s happy being like that which I think she is if it’s been 3 years, then that’s on her.


she a hoe i have no respect for a homewreking bitch its one thing if he was lyin to her but the fact she knows tells you alot about herself an who to say she wouldt do that same thing to you an sorry to say people will judge you on who your friends are