I have a mass on my abdomen: Should I worry?

Has anyone gone to the doctors for an ultrasound and the doctors found a mass on your abdomen? I am kinda freaking out because they didn’t really tell me anything. I just wants me to come back next week for further testing. Anyone gone through this?


I would wait for further test results. It could be any number of things. Try not to stress and think positive. :sparkling_heart:


None of us can answer your question. Only the test results can say what is going on. I agree with Georgeanne, try not to stress.

Chill out and wait until you have further testing done and get the results. I had a mass andvit was a hernia. I had corrective surgery preformed.

I deff would not stress about this Hun. Could even be a mistake. Wait on answers. :heart:

I had an ovarian cyst, had to come back for further testing to diagnose it. Fibroids is also a possibility. Once I felt a mass and thought I had cancer! Turned out to be a baby!


Mine ending up benign tumor thought cyst had to remove 39 lbs


Im praying for you! It may be nothing but trg not to worry! Wishing u ths best!

Just do your follow up with Dr’s. Don’t stress ahead of yourself. It could be your unborn twin! Yes I’m weird :laughing:

After I gave birth I felt a small mass in my stomach. Eventually it got huge like the size of my fist. I scared myself shitless thinking the absolute worst and turns out it was a double hernia.

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Do what the doctor said and just be happy

Don’t stress out too much until you know for sure! Easier said than done obviously but just try

Could it be a hernia?

You wont really know what it could be until they help you find out. I would try not to worry and just wait until you do know. Might be nothing. Might be something. But worrying about it before you know isnt gonna make the outcome change. Pray on it and let it go for the time being.


be strong , this happens. go back next week . It will be OK

I went to have one for abdominal pain and it wound up being an ovarian cyst but it went away I believe.

Speculation is the worst and so is asking for medical advice on the internet.
So go back next week for further testing and you’ll have YOUR answer.

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Well when I went and had a MRI on my back and thy found cyst on both kidneys.should I be worried well I haven’t been I guess I should.

Yes, happened to me. Had an xray because of back issues and they found a mass on my lung. And it ended up being a bunch of vessels and they had a name, sorry cant remember that name. It was normal and nothing needed to be done after a mri. It’s scary I know, say a prayer and u will find out soon. Hopefully nothing for u too!!

I went through something similar. I had test done said I had a mass on my liver. Worried like heck, come to find out it is fatty tissue that shows up as a mass. Dont worry till it’s time to worry. Good luck let me know how it turns out please.