I have a migrane that will not go away since having an epidural?

Has anyone else experienced, after giving birth and getting an epidural, you get a migraine that don’t go away even with medication? My midwife said I might need a blood patch if it’s a spinal headache. Has anyone else experience this before?


I had a spinal headache for 3 days after having my son. It eventually went away on its own but by far the worst headache I’ve ever experienced. Laying down helps!

I had a migraine for a few days after my epidural. They said it was a side effect and would go away in a few days

Have you been checking your blood pressure?

My wee girl is 5 i still suffer really bad head aches an back pain but its natural some people will suffer for long term like I have… only thing helps os going an laying down flat in a dark room. Im also on strong medication for the headaches an back pains from the epidural

I had to have a blood patch done and the pain was gone immediately when the blood was injected into my spine. Never had any issues afterwards.


I had the same experience as Emilie. Once I had the blood patch done, I was better immediately and never had an issue again.

Call your dr you might be leaking spinal fluid

I had a spinal headache after my spinal for my cerclage. I spent several days in the hospital. The headache was almost as bad as labor. Laying down definitely helps. I would run to the bathroom with my IV pole and put my head in between my legs just to get relief. I received relief right after my blood patch.

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I had a epidural migraines that started right before I gave birth, it was horrible. My baby was in the special care unit and it was over 24 hours before I got to see her because I couldn’t get up it was so bad! I had a blood patch it lasted long enough for me to have 3/4 of a day with her and it came back the next evening! You have to lay completely flat… I couldn’t even go to the washroom! I finally had to go back exactly a week later and have a second blood patch because I couldn’t take it anymore! Thankfully I had my husband and my mom and his mom to help cause I was honestly useless for a whole week ! After my second blood patch I have been fine since…except back pain which is tolerable! Hope that you feel better soon

I been thru this. My headache never would go away. After 2 whole weeks i could not take it anymore. I called the hospital & explained & they had me go in and they had to draw blood from my arm & inject it in my spine just like an epidural. My headache instantly went away. I hope this helps u bc i know the pain u r going thru

I had one and it is miserable. I had to have a blood patch and it was instant relieve. I would check with your Dr for sure you may need to go to ER to be evaluated!

I had spinal headache from time after he was delivered till 2 days postpartum and it didn’t go away till had the blood patch. No more headaches or migraines but I did have severe back pain by the time I got home and now 3 months postpartum by the end of my work shift I have back pain but it’s not as bad as it was. But I also had three different needles injected in my spine by the time I left the hospital.

Get the blood patch i crawled on the floor for 3 weeks without it

Yes. Drink 3 2 liters of name brand coca cola and it will get to a point of manageable enough for tylenol or fioricet to work. My son’s pediatrician told me this at his 1 week appointment and it worked like a dream.

Get a professional massage to circulate that fluid out.

Hydrate, drink some caffeine and Tylenol. If this doesn’t help then go see your midwife. This is what we tell our patients

Yes. I held off for a week. After that, with no improvement, I called my doctor and they set me up for a blood patch. Instant relief!

Yes go check yourself. I experience it and it only went away if I was laying down flat. You need a blood patch. It will go away instantly after doing one. Its an epidural but using your own blood. I recommend it to get rid of your migraine fast…

Yes, you need a blood patch. I could hardly function and it hurt so bad. I had to call and ask to have it done since they sent me home without doing it. Spinal fluid is leaking causing the headache and blood patch will fill it to stop. Took care of it pretty quickly.