I have a migrane that will not go away since having an epidural?

Had one with my son. It lasted bout a week and went as fast as it came. Dr said 1 in a hundred will get it and guess I hit it

I was told in the hospital if i experienced any headache pain to let the doctor know asap. The nurse came in several times a day/night to check vitals and they always asked if i was experiencing any headache pain. I didn’t, but, i gather it’s a pretty serious thing. I’d call your doctor asap. Better to be careful.

I would go and be seen, it could be a postpartum headache or an epidural headache but if you are having other symptoms (blurred vision or dizziness) it’s good to get checked out.

I get headaches often but just had a TIA mini stroke weds. Worse headache I’ve ever had. Always check to make sure its nothing serious!! I had a blockage in my MRI.

My daughter had that after her 1st child was born and went to the ER she had to be given a blood patch.

Worse pain in my life! I had this almost 3 years ago and I felt like my head was going to explode whenever I stood up. I chose not to get the blood patch bc it could end up making it worse, but my doctor said to take caffeine pills and drink a lot of mt dew and water.

I really didn’t want to get the blood patch bc the doctor had poked me 3 times in the back trying to get the epidural to work so I did not want him doing it again (small hospital). The headache lasted for about 2 weeks. The bright side was I didn’t have any appetite so I lost 30 lbs in those 2 weeks :rofl:

Blood patch works wonders!! I literally couldn’t get up because I was in tears from the pain. that’s how much pain my headache caused.

Same happened to me. A spinal headache. They can only take care of it if it’s within 7 days of delivery after that they say it needs to go away on its own. My Dr told me to start drinking caffeine again and it would help. It was gone almost instantly after that

I had a spinal block headache with my first child (30yrs ago). It was the worst pain of my life. I asked them to do something, they said oh, we can give you a blood patch- but they never did.

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Yes, with my third, a year ago today! You can get a blood patch and I’m told they work wonders, but I chose not to. The neurologist who came to consult with me said that laying flat would help it heal (hahahahaHAHAHA it’s my third boy so that’s unlikely) but that caffeine would trigger the body to produce extra cerebrospinal fluid which would restore the pressure imbalance. I chose venti Starbucks from the hospital lobby until I got home and side-lying to nurse. It does go away within a week, so if after that you are still having pain, seek medical attention.

Try dark Chocolate :chocolate_bar:

Yes. I had this after my second child. I was leaking spinal fluid where my epidural catheter was. I suffered for a week before I gave up and went to the Dr. I had to have a blood patch and just a matter of hours later the headache was gone.

I had 1 in 98. I had a blood patch done. It felt like the shot they give u before the epidural

Could have a fluid leak…one of the symptoms…call a consulting nurse at your hospital

I get migraines all the time an I have headaches 24/7 so if u know anything let me know too.i have tried everything.

I would have it checked out for sure… I had a botched epidural with my daughter in 2009 and now we both get horrible horrible migraines frequently where we get nauseous, sensitive to light and sound the whole 9 yards. Scary stuff

I had an epidural back in 97. I could not stand up for 6 weeks. I had such a migraine and it felt like someone stabbed my brain. And being electrocuted at the same time. Finally it stopped after 6 weeks.

I did and ended up getting a blood patch a week post birth … was the best decision EVER!!

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My daughter had this happen after an epidural and had to go to the ER where they had her have the blood patch done. She was leaking spinal fluid which was what was causing the headache. I’d go have it checked out if I was you.


I had one for about a week after my csection with my first. The only things that helped were laying flat on my back in bed and drinking caffinated tea.