I have a migrane that will not go away since having an epidural?

My c-section was 41 years ago…I had a headache from the epidural that went on for weeks…I remained hospitalized for 10 days…

Yes. I had one after my epidural from my cesarean section. After two days they did a blood patch on me and it was gone immediately. If you can get the Blood patch get it. Immediate relief.


I had the same thing happen. I drank some coffee and it helped alot! Plus took some tylenol.

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I was told by nurses not to lift my head for eight hours or I will get a bad headache!


I do have problems with migraines, so when they warned me about the possibility of one, and I then had to stay in hospital, I took the warnings VERY seriously. The attending nurses thought I was silly when I asked their help in turning me, but I remembered that warning all over again and insisted. I didn’t get a migraine at that time…

Yes, I had one too. Mine actually went away by drinking Coke/Pepsi and black coffee. This was my last resort before doing a spinal patch and it worked for me.

You wanna check your blood pressure too to make sure it’s not preeclampsia (it often happens after birth as well)… I had an epidural and had a bad headache for weeks after and my back hurt reaaaaallly bad… my blood pressure was high too and they upped my bp medicine dosage which helped.

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Check your blood pressure!!! A week after having my youngest I got unbearable migraines that wouldn’t go away. My BP was insanely high and I ended up going blind, had a stroke, then a seizure, and had to be life flighted where I stayed a week in the ICU. Go to the ER if you need to!! I ended up with postpartum eclampsia.

Yes. I had this happen with my first delivery after an epidural. The headache was horrible. I went back to the hospital and got a blood patch then the relief was instantaneous.

Blood patch worked for me. Headache went away almost immediately and this was 30 plus years ago


After delivery l was told to lay flat and not raise my head for 12 hours and didn’t have any headache at all


I had a spinal leak from my epidural and the migraine for about a week. Drs told me caffeine was better than any medicine for it. So I was drinking cold black coffee and Pepsi all day and the more I ate the better I felt.

I had one and had to get the blood patch because it would just not go away. I couldn’t eat or get up with out being in serious pain. Some people say it goes away on its own but mine lasted two weeks and I couldn’t hold my baby without wanting to cry from pain so I finally got the blood patch. It was cleared within a couple hours.

Yes many yrs ago. Thought my head would blow off. 11 days of this. Lay on stomach as,much as possible to help heal the hole. It worked. I didn’t like the blood clots idea n I had 4 little holes. Neurosurgeon was,going to put me back in hospital n give me iV alcohol. But finally healed as,fast as started. Good luck .

I had a blood patch done about 5 days later and that took the headache away. It’s an epidural induced migraine. GO TO THE DOCTOR AND GET THE BLOOD PATCH. You will feel SO MUCH BETTER.

I had one after my epidural. I was sent to the ER and instead of doing a blood patch the doctor had me put two big q-tips with hollow tubes all the way up my nose. Had me lay on my back. He then dripped lidocaine down the hollow tubes and within 10 minutes my headache was gone.

I had those after both of my kids they lasted for 2 weeks n were awful the only thing that helped was laying down with no pillows n back then only gave like Tylenol with codine, but I understand it’s hard to just be laying down when you have a newborn. I hope you get relief.

It more likely a spinal headache I’ve had both a blood patch will fix it

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Go get checked I had one bad and went back to the Er and I had spinal fluid leaking it can cause more damage always go get checked

Yes!! When I went in for my baby well check I couldn’t even sit up. Had to put my head between my legs…
the doctor took me straight back to the hospital where they gave me a blood patch.
Worked in seconds!!!
You have to patch that hole in your spine because you are leaking spinal fluid which is causing the migraine.
The blood patch Did Not hurt a bit and solved the problem instantaneously!