I have a migrane that will not go away since having an epidural?

That happened to our daughter after an epidural for a c-section. She was I inexcusable pain. She had the blood patch and her pain immediately disappeared.

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It happened to me 32 years ago,after 3 days they finally did a blood patch,omg it hurt but was worth it!

I was given prescription caffeine pills and told to drink coke as well. Went away after a couple days. I didn’t need the blood patch but that was the next option.

Your mid wife is right, get a blood patch it works, had it done instant relief

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Yes, I had the same thing and they did a blood patch, took my headache away

If it’s a normal headache pain reliever and increased caffeine should help. If nothing helps and the pain increases with movement go to the ER. You may need a blood patch as others have mentioned. I’ve experienced both.

I had one for a few weeks while trying to manage a new born and a 17 month old. Coke worked to help. I was recommended for one too, but mine eventually went away.

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I had preeclampsia after my c section and my headaches were so bad when I went for my follow up they rushed me to another hospital and I was there for a week

One of my best friends needed a blood patch after an epidural. She was having headaches and severe ringing in her ears. The blood patch made it all go away almost immediately.

Is it different when lying down. If it dissipates when lying flat when lying flat, I agree with a spinal head ache. Caffeine helps also the blood patch of it doesn’t resolve with lying flat. How long ago did you give birth?

It does go away by itself. It’s cause is from leaking spinal fluid. It’s a headache that gets worse when walking. I’m a labor and delivery nurse. It really doesn’t happen often

My best friend had one so bad she couldn’t even get off the couch, they did a blood patch and she felt better almost immediately

I chose to have and epidural with my 3 baby (had 2 natural with no meds with the first two) but you must pray… A lot of praying :pray: but I use/rub on my forehead, temples, neck and shoulders the essential oils, peppermint, lavender, frankincense… and also take 2 pills called, “pain aid”… and drink plenty of water and rest in a dark cool room away from noise and light. If you can get someone to massage :massage_woman: it helps too…:pray:Hope this helps you​:heart:. Another thing, try to Stop eating chocolate :chocolate_bar: … I know it’s tough but it is a trigger. It was tough for me but I now choose Health over cravings. Over time they will subside. But if they get worse… please go to the ER just to be safe​:heart: God bless you and may The Lord Jesus Christ heal you now in Jesus Mighty Powerful Name Amen :pray::heart:

I have and i know how you feel.i had at least 5 blood patches.Than help for a little while.It took almost a year before mine closed up.

Sounds like a spinal headache from the hole in the epidural sac from having an epidural the headache is worse than a migraine and will make you want to kill yourself literally and the only way to make it go away is have a blood patch done. I had the same issue but mine was after a spinal tap.

My daughter got that. It’s spinal
Migraine and no medication will help. Only that will help is a blood patch. Sone spinal headaches can last 7-10 days and sone can last weeks or months. Praying you get the relief you need :pray:

I had to get a blood patch done. After that headaches went away!!

Many years ago I had a spinal the headaches were horrible I always thought natural childbirth would’ve been easier . They will go away in time .

Blood patch worked for me too! I did have a spinal headache due to epidural.

That happened to me after having my second child.They had to do a spinal tap to relieve pressure from my head.After that I felt so much better.