I have anxiety about a health issue I went through: What would you do?

I’m 19 with an almost two-year-old. About seven months ago, I went to the Er due to having horrible stomach pains that would come and go. They did abdominal and vaginal ultrasounds and determined that I had a mass on my ovary. He sent me home for the night and said to watch out and if my pain level got too bad to come back because I could possibly have an ovarian torsion (twisting of the ovary, resulting in loss of blood flow). That’s all the Er doctor said he could tell me. They set an appointment with my doctor the next day. I then found out that I had a 10 cm dermoid cyst on my left ovary. My doctor told me it should resolve itself (rupture), that a little pain is normal, but if I have too much pain, then to come back. She set another appointment for me six weeks later to see how it was doing then. I never made it to the six-week appointment because two weeks later, I was in so much pain I couldn’t walk, I was committing and even passed out once. So I went back to the ER, I told the doctor I had been there two weeks prior and was diagnosed with a 10 cm dermoid cyst, and I believed I was having an ovarian torsion. He completely dismissed what I had said and said they would check me for kidney stones. I was given a small amount of morphine (once they gave it to me, it lasted less than 5 minutes, and I was back to having horrible pain). When my fiance would ask him if he could help get my pain under control, he would roll his eyes and say that he couldn’t do anything until I got the vaginal/abdominal ultrasounds again (incredibly painful this go-round) and got a ct scan. Once they finished the tests and figured out that I was experiencing an ovarian torsion, the Er doctor apologized to me because it was what I thought it was. (I looked like hell when I came in, so I’m assuming he thought I wanted drugs and was going through withdrawal… even though I have never done drugs… ) My Cyst weighted my ovary down to the point it had twisted twice and cut off my blood flow to the ovary and tube. The reason my pain was coming and going before was because it would twist and untwist… I was rushed into emergency surgery, resulting in the loss of my left fallopian tube and left ovary. It was too late to save any of those eggs. Ever since then, I have horrible anxiety about it happening again and losing my right ovary and tube, and not being able to have any more kids. I know I want at least three kids and I can’t imagine not having more. I am in a stable relationship, but I really am not ready emotionally or financially to have another baby right now. Our current house is already too small for the 3 of us, let alone another baby. But I am scared if I wait, something will happen to my right ovary, and I will lose my chance… Every time i get any cramps or pains on my right side I freak out… Any other mommas been in a similar situation? What would you do in my situation, wait it out, or try to have a baby now?


You need to see a therapist first of all. Then also consult with some sort of family planning doctor. Freeze eggs if need be so that you can plan a family when you’re ready.


Therapy and freeze your eggs. Don’t have another baby is you don’t feel you are prepared just because you are afraid you won’t be able to in the future because of some freak medical issue. There are options other than having 2+ babies before you are 20.

I’m not a mama, but I was in and out of the hospital for over 3 years as a teenager. The ER doctor would think that it was my appendix. They finally did surgery and I had an ovarian cyst on my right ovary so big that they had to remove the entire ovary. I never had pain again for the next 13 years, besides normal pain. Then I started having the same pain again. This time I caught it quickly. They removed just the cyst. I also had endometriosis. I could have had children with just the cyst, but the endometriosis caused me to not be able to. I had a hysterectomy several years later. I pray you are alright. The second you start having pain see an OB/GYN. That way they can catch it early. That’s what I did.

Have another baby!!! Don’t wait. Also, freeze your eggs if you can. This same thing happened to me in 2013 and I lost my right ovary. I was able to get pregnant 3 more times with just my left ovary, but sadly only one pregnancy came to term and we have a healthy crazy little 5 year old boy. Sadly, two months ago I went to the emergency room in horrible pain to find out I have the same thing now on my left ovary. Get some counseling and don’t hesitate or wait. Lucky, I had almost 7 years without it happening, again, but it’s here now. Praying for you, girl. I feel your pain.

Been in a similar situation. I actually had an ovary burst ( a cyst exploding actually damaging one of the fallopian tubes…had surgery and was told it would be harder to have children and only one side of the tubes were working 100 percent…5 years later I unexpectedly had my daughter. In your situation I would very much freeze your eggs if your not ready now…but it is very much possible.

Go for it mama, we’re never REALLY ready are we? I mean we kind of go with the flow and make things work. Unless you feel you don’t want one right now then don’t, but if you do but are waiting for a more convenient time, I would go for it!:heart:

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5lbs ovarian cysts on left ovary surgically removed with left ovary dr said I couldn’t get pregnant I’m blessed to say I have a happy healthy 3 year old

Request a good specialist that will actually listen and help you keep tabs. Getting a check done every 6 months to a year (if there’s no symptoms) should help alleviate some worry and give you someone to call that will listen if you do have symptoms.


I had two babies naturally after losing a tube and an egg this was 30 years ago they know alot more now then back then. Think positive

First of, I’m so truly sorry the doctors didn’t take it more serious! Thats happened to me and it took another doctor to diagnose me almost two years later. Doctors for some reason write us out cause we are young. Another health issue came up and I was completely ignored cause of my “young age”. Always fight for your health.
second, please speak or a professional about the chances of pregnancy. Someone who specializes in fertility.


Freezing your eggs is fine but in order to use them you have to do IVF. Each round of IVF cost about $10,000 and sometimes it takes several rounds of it to conceive.

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I have PCOS, and other female problems. The cysts will come back. I had two different types of cysts. You can freeze your eggs if your able. I almost died last year from birth control giving me clots, to it cause me to bleed that wouldn’t stop. I wound up having an emergency hysterectomy at 33 because of female problems. It was hysterectomy or i was going to die. I have one child and am so blessed to have her. I’m saying do what’s best for your health. I wanted more kids but God had other plans. Take care of your self. I suffers for 7 months of bleeding, hospital stays , not knowing if i was going to make, to me having no choice left but hysterectomy. Find you a great obgyn that will work with you and keep you safe , to help you with your choice of kids now or freezing eggs or what’s best for your health.


Another fine example that women are not getting fair healthcare and pain management. I’m sorry you went thru all that. It’s tragic and I hope you sued them. My advice is don’t rush into a pregnancy you aren’t ready for if your doctor has given you assurance this is unlikely to happen again. If you are at risk of losing your last ovary then maybe you are right to consider another child now.

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I am sorry for the pain you had to go through - I have had a cyst implode on its self and I have had kidney stones - those are pains I would never wish upon anyone.
See a therapist get help.
Find a better doctor. GET BETTER TREATMENT.
As mothers we advocate for our children now you must advocate for yourself. Do not let anyone tell you no and to push it off. They should have done something right away.

If you wait until you think you can afford a baby you never have one


Wow! This happened to me also! I lost my whole left side but had 3 healthy babies after that. I get cysts that come and go since all the time with no complications This was 30 years ago. Still have my other ovary. I would seek out a specialist. Good luck to you :heart:

I had an ovarian dermoid cyst the size of a football removed when i was 13. They took the ovary as well. I was on birth control and still got pregnant at age 24. Just talk to your dr. You know whats best for you and your body!

Freezing eggs is actually not best idea. In order to have the best chances eggs need to be fertilized before frozen which would then be freezing embryos.

Lots of people have no issues with just having one tube, but i understand stand the stress so I think an appointment with a reproductive endocrinologist would put your mind at ease.

You have ptsd and need to see a counselor. That will help with the chronic anxiety. The chances of it happening again are extremely unlikely. If you are still worried, then go to a fertility clinic and pay for them to freeze some of your eggs. Don’t have a child when you know you aren’t ready. It won’t help because it will cause other anxieties and emotional struggles.

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