I have anxiety about leaving the house with my kids: Advice>?

Hey mommas, I have 3 babies.; 6,3, and 3 months. Lately I’ve been having this anxiety feeling everytime i need to leave my house with all three of them. With the world we live in today it terrifies me to go out in public with them by my self. To the point where we stay home for a week at a time. Sometimes these thoughts keep me up at night. Do any of you experience this too? How do you cope with it? I wasnt to be able to goop to three grocery store with out having to worry about every person that turns the corner.


You should speak to your doctor about ppd


I’m the same and i have a 3 year old and currently pregnant…

do you have friends you can go to the store with perhaps family? its hard to trust in this crappy world…

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call a friend or a relative to go with you and the kids.

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You need to talk with a therapist.


Somethings triggering them feelings you need to speak to someone to get to the bottom of it

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Is it truly a fear of going out in public, or having no control over your kids while in public places & you need help with them?
Try having someone watch your kids while you shop alone…see if you have the same “fear”…

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It sounds like some kind of anxiety… look into treatments and try to organize your life so maybe you can plan to have company for these trips

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Darling my son’s are 30 n 26 n I still awake with a sense of dread n sweats , it’s alot to worry for the world we are living in…but try small steps , a walk around the neighborhood , then maybe to a park or something small , is no shame in keeping ur little ones indoors when it’s getting cooler especially the baby , have you spoken to your family , and Dr as well to make sure that you are not feeling post partum blues …be safe mama and good luck

I feel that way too… Its horrible… When i use to get hit on, i would flirt back, or just ignore it… Now i run like a scared puppy with my baby… 1 time i literally jumped in the car and locked the doors, the man kept talking but i ignored him… I think its a good thing… The world is a scary place…

I had this same issue when my twins were first born, they are 8 now and I tried anxiety meds and I didn’t like the way they made me feel then I started smoking pot and I can function and sleep without the overwhelming feeling of something going to go wrong at every minute of the day! Hope this helps

Put your baby in a carrier and strap the baby to you. Get a backpack harness/leash/wrist bands for your 3 yr old. Put your 6 yr old in the car first then the 3 yr old then the 3 month old.
Don’t put the cart back. Leave it by your car. I sometimes ask people to take it back. I never leave my kids in the car.
This struggle is real. Its also very important. There are bad people out there.
Its not just anxiety…could be though
I have 3 kids the same age to think about. I always make sure they are strapped to me or strapped in their seats before my groceries go in the car.
Kids go missing all the time.

My kids aré teens and preteens and I have the same anxiety, it’s part of being a mother BUT if you see it starts interfering with daily activities which sounds like it is then maybe it’s time to seek professional help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

I think its bc of all the sex trafficking and kidnapping going she feels like this not bc of post pardum. It is scary to think about having to take your babies out alone by yourself knowing what this world is coming to.
It would help if you had someone accompany you when you need to go somewhere…plus, it does make it a lot easier to get things done and watch your kids at the same time. Ask your mom or a friend and schedule a time when yall can go to this or that together. You’ll always have to be protective over your kids at all times bc you really do never know what can happen. You can’t live in fear all the time, but you should never let your guard down either. Carry pepper spray or something. Put ur kids in the car first, then your stuff, and lock the doors. Park as close to the front entrance as possible even if you have to wait for a spot.Ask for help at the grocery store when checking out so a bagger can go with you to load your groceries… Etc


This world is a scary place, I don’t blame you. I used to take all 6 (@that time, there’s 4 more now, lol) grandchildren out shopping, Easter bunny & Santa trips to the mall. I would never do that now alone.
Get some pepper spray or mace. You can get them on key chains now. It will help you feel you have a tool to defend yourself. Which will help, because your not defenseless. Go out as early as you can, less people about. Or skip it, go at night alone, leave kids with dad. And see your doctor. There are meds to help, but you have to ask. Good luck sweetheart! !

Its a scary world out there but can’t keep them lock inside. Just always keep them by you, have another adult with you (if you can), be aware of your surroundings. Carry a weapon.
There is nothing wrong with feeling that way and you don’t need meds or a therapist or to talk to a doctor likes others have said. smh. I feel like in today’s world its normal to feel that way.

Hi mama, I see you just had a child 3 months ago… you very well may have the baby blues. Your hormone levels fluctuating will make you feel anxious, sad, unfocused, etc.
I felt this a bit after having my daughter, and sometimes I just couldn’t get out of the house because I was just overwhelmed and seemed like my mind was thinking 1000 thoughts a minute. Stay close to positive female friends and family and don’t hesitate to ask for help from people you trust. I also pray often and ask God to remove doubt and worry from my mind. You are supposed to enjoy your family and not be scared to go out with them. I completely understand your anxiety, it’s a scary world out there and it’s hard hearing the horrible things in the news. Your best bet is to only go out early in the day and always bring another trusting adult with you when you can

Honestly, going shopping with 3 kids that age will give anyone anxiety! Lol I used to leave them with Dad to shop and run errands or get a babysitter.

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It is a scary world out there but thousands of Moms take their kids out all of the time … me included. I think you should see a therapist to help you with your anxiety. It must feel really awful to be that anxious about this all of the time