I have anxiety about my son starting school: Advice?

I have anxiety about my son going to school he is almost five years old he will be five next month, and I have anxiety letting him go to school he has been with me 24/7 since he was born up until now it’s only been me and him and his father. I always take care of him, and he is always by my side, and I don’t know what to do I just feel afraid letting him on the bus and me picking him up from the bus. It keeps me up at night just thinking about it.


do what’s right for you and for him - if he wants to go and you feel he wants to learn and be in that environment, then let him go and spend your time volunteering at the school. Also, if he isn’t happy about going no rule says he has to - you can homeschool but make sure it’s what’s best for him, because there are ways a parent can be too clingy. That said, don’t let anyone tell you it’s natural to send your baby off at that age without a tear or two - we’re a factory culture that does that, other cultures do not and the kids still grow up just fine, plenty of independence, etc. You can work it out, you’re already a good parent and this is one more chance to find your path together, the two of you. Don’t let society dictate that for you.

For a start he is too young to be on the bus! Drive him to school. Being anxious is normal but he has to go. Just be careful not to project that anxiety onto him. Kids are adaptable and he will be fine. Don’t underestimate him and speak positively to him about school. Dont share your anxiety with him.


Baby steps… it will likely be traumatic for him as well if he’s not familiar with time away from you. I would introduce different play dates and stuff little by little so you both gradually work your way up to a whole school day away from each other


Normal anxiety. It will be harder on you than your son.

Just remember most of the teachers have been doing this for years! It will be ok I promise!!! Your son may have a bit of separation anxiety but it will get better!

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You both need the time away. Kids not having time away from parents when they are young tend to have separation anxiety when they get older. I would however drive him to school. Not sure I’d be putting him on a bus. But let him go to school and let him away from you some, or you are going to ruin his sense of self confidence and independence.


You are having separation anxiety. Its normally the other way around. Which is why parents put their children in pre school, Hopefully he will love it, and you will have a few hours to yourself, try not to stress. Or he will feed off your anxiety, best wishes to ye both

My son didn’t looked back when I dropped him the first day. Just try to set some play time with other kids without you on his back all the time. Will be harder for You but momma, you need time for yourself too.

He should have gone to a half day preschool program. That would have been good for both of you. If you have a preschool nearby please send him for a few days a week. It will be the perfect beginning step for you both.

Kindergartners take the school bus all the time. Mine never had any issues with it. It’s fine. This is all part of growing up. It’s hard, but it’s ok. Gotta have a little faith and trust.


Being a good mama is also about letting them go. Independence is important for kids to learn. We have to remember we are not just raising kids and babies. We are raising potential adults who need to function appropriately in the real world and be kind and compassionate to others on their own. Have faith in yourself, it sounds like you have done an amazing job so far…so you know he will be fine for a little while without you.


I bet.Its getting harder w all the shooters…But you got to trust God , his teachers and bus driver.Everyone has to grow through all the changes.All Mothers and Fathers before you and after…You can and will get through this.

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Take him to school if you need to… Hes going to be fine… You will settle in an see all is well… He will learn how to make friends an learn… You’ll see… Just relax… :heart:

He will happy new friends

I had the worst anxiety with mine and when he started school ( prek )he didn’t want to go. It was extremely hard but in time he will be ok. I used to go into work late so l cld stalk my son during recess, pop up just to check things out, have to meet with teachers and counselors at times bc he would cry so much. Had me thinking something else must be happening while l wasn’t there, but turned out he just really didn’t want to go. It wasn’t even until first grade did it all finally stop. :sweat: I don’t miss those days…

Drive him to school and pick him up…the first few days will be hard on you both and then everything will be fine :heart:

Drive him to school .

You need to start allowing other people into your son’s life and to help your child into the long road to full independence. Anything else is detrimental to your child


Mom . What kind of school? Pre k public schools?
Or a Christian pre k.
Understanding your concern. It is important for you to know the ins and outs of the school, teachers ,
Facility’s, everything
So that when you release him he is god care.
You did not say what kind or type of school . That makes a difference.
I am partial to a trusted Christian school with a proven reputation and track record with facility’s and teachers who can check,good communication systems for the parents and caregivers . The public school systems is become a nexus for bad behavior and conduct for our children. Better they were in a Christian healthy environment even if you are not a Christian.
Your child is the subject. Your anxiety is normal.
It is ok. It is understandable. No problem. I do not trust our school systems these days for good reasons. So the more you know about the school, the better you ought to feel but being mom and having mom concern is Okkkk. Bless you all!