I have anxiety since COVID started: Advice?

Hello. I’ve recently been experiencing anxiety. Ever since, all this Covid-19 situation started. I am 31 yrs old and a stay at home mom with three kids. There have been days where I feel so nervous or worried. My heart beats fast, and I feel tightness in the chest or shortness of breath. Some nights I drink calming teas to be able to sleep. I’ve been trying to avoid medication, and today I went to my dr, and she did prescribe medication Paxil 10 mg. She did an EKG to check my heart, and it was normal. I also had blood work last month, and it was all normal too. My question is anyone else that is going through this or has gone through it? Is there something that helps anything natural, or do I have to start medication now? I just don’t want to be on medication and depend on that. It’s my first time experiencing this, and it sucks. Anyone that has experienced this, please let me know your opinion or what has helped. Thank you.


st John’s wort helped me with my anxiety

You are now being healed from that disease in Jesus name Amene

Anytime I experience anxiety, I get busy with chores and cooking and baking. First, u get in touch with my spiritual self, and say a prayer, and turn it over to God. Then I focus on the things I can control that need my attention, like my household responsibilities and my grandkids.

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The best thing to avoid medication is therapy. Try and find a therapist that specializes in anxiety. I suffer from anxiety and it gets very bad. I start to not feel well and then think something bad is going to happen to me. It’s all about the negative thoughts and learning to work through it. Tried medication in the past but it doesn’t actually fix the problem. Best of luck

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My sons temporarily took Paxil and then when they felt stronger they stopped. They learned to try to relax and refocus your mind. But when constant anxiety is present that wasn’t enough and needed Paxil.

Please research paxil before starting it. It has some very strange effects on people.

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HTC oil has been my secret for 9years.
After giving birth to my daughter at a very young age.

I just put it out of my mind!!! I keep my self busy!!!

Ashwagandha. You can find it by the vitamins. I have anxiety all the time.

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My daughter takes Calm its a powder form.of magnesium she says it helps her!

When you start to feel anxious you need to “ground yourself” find one thing you can touch, one you can taste, and one you can smell.

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My anxiety has gotten worse as well. Mostly because I could barely handle society before and don’t know how I will manage when we start getting out a bit more. I have just tried to focus on my health.
I hope Paxil isn’t as bad for you as it was for me!

Have taken meds in the past for anxiety and depression. The best thing I’ve found is exercise and music. Better than any medication or therapy for me personally. My anxiety is situational. Sounds like yours is as well. Sometimes writing down your thoughts helps. Worst case scenario and fears and determine what’s rational and what’s not. My daughter takes an antidepressant for anxiety and it has really helped her. I manage my anxiety now by planning my days so I know what’s going down. Last minute changes throw me off a little bit still but I’m a work in progress. Hang in there and know that it won’t last forever, the Paxil will start helping in a week to 2 weeks. You are doing one of the world’s hardest jobs in my opinion. Cut yourself some slack.

Also, the side effects will taper off after 5 to 7 days.

Honestly I had severe anxiety returning back to work 2 months ago. I’m already on anti anxiety meds which didnt seem to be doing its job. I had to just come to the realization my life is in God’s hands if I’m meant to get this covid crap it’s in the cards there’s nothing I can do about besides taking vitamin c and d to boost my immune system and wash my hands constantly. I’m not religious but I just had to accept that I may get it or may not it’s not really under my control.

There’s therapy. I find exercise does wonders for me. You could also try doing things that keep your hands busy. Such as cleaning, baking, ect… Something that refocuses your mind on something else.
Cannabis can also help to. If that’s an option for you. I know people have mixed feelings on it, but it might be worth looking into and talking to your doc. About.

Cbd vape with very low dose of thc helps me.

Paxil 10mg is not bad. I think it’s a low dose and it may help. It’s not habbit forming either so dont think you are a bad person if you take medication. Everyone needs a little help at some point in their life… somehow. I’ve been dealing with major anxiety since so I can relate. Hugs.

Don’t take Paxil that medication has bad side effects marijuana is better and you can get a prescription for depending on where you live

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