I have anxiety that I might be pregnant: Advice?

Unprotected sex, yes. Well, I had my period June 8 not suppose to get period until July 7. I had very very light spotting on and off for six days. At first, it was coming out as old blood than a very light pink. It finally has stopped. I went to the doctor for multiple reasons. Anxiety and why I am spotting. He diagnosed me with a general anxiety disorder and need to get blood work and pregnancy test done. Well, they called me this evening to go over my results, and to know I already have anxiety, I’m overthinking. Will the doctor only call me if it’s serious? If they found something? Am I pregnant? I don’t know my mind is running a million miles an hr. Someone give me advice. Or tips anything has anyone had to go through something like this? Trying to put my mind at ease until I go see him tomorrow.


If you had unprotected sex there’s always a chance that you’re pregnant. :woman_facepalming:t2:


Just go buy a cheap pregnancy test!


If you’re having that bad of anxiety and can’t wait, go buy a First Response test. :woman_facepalming:t3:


Take an at home test


Sounds like ovulation bleeding


Every doctor is different, they may or may not call you with results. However, usually they have you pee in a cup before the appointment to determine pregnancy. You should have been told at the appointment.

It could be implantation bleeding. I suggest buying an early detection pregnancy test. I work in the medical field, and they will sometimes call when there are no issues but they usually always call if something comes up on a test.

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Implantation bleeding would be around time u would get ur period which is why a lot of women confuse the both. But generally they tell you the results the same day of the blood results or they still call and tell u yes or no and if you are then they’ll tell u take prenatal pills and schedule an appointment around the 13th week and do a Pap smear blood tests etc.

If you are having this much anxiety over being pregnant. Go on birth control stop having un protected sex.


If you’ve had unprotected sex you could be pregnant. If you’re having this much anxiety about being pregnant I would personally say you need to stop having unprotected sex :joy::joy:


Wow Some of you “woman” are catty af. If you can’t give advice without bitchy ass emojis and condescending words keep scrolling!! It’s not that difficult. Does it make you feel better to put someone else down? Sad af that some of you never out grew the mean girl bull shit and now y’all are mom’s passing it on smh.

Anxiety is a horrible thing. I feel your pain. Take a deep breath. Get a home test. You’ll know if you’re pg in a minute or 2. As for the blood work & them calling you to go over your results in my expirence it’s not always bad like you may think. Sometimes it requires more explanation than a post card. Other times theyre milking insurance for that appt time.

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Sometimes call to say lab work is normal or abnormal… education and offer HIV testing … or STD was positive…education on unprotected sex… numerous reasons

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Could have an std also can effect periods


What is wrong with you all. Making fun of her for not only having anxiety but shaming her for having unprotected sex. Shame on you !


Anxiety or stress could also cause you to have very very light periods or non at all. I had implantation bleeding 10 days after conception and it was the only for a couple hours, but everyone is different.

Ok take a deep breath. Let’s tackle one thing at a time. Find out what the dr says, ok say you are pregnant don’t panic. There are resources, I am sure you have a support system, plus if you a need help there are programs, churches, and other things to help you though. You will be fine. Just breath and relax one step at a time


There’s this thing called a home pregnancy test. They sell them pretty much anywhere. Sometimes even as cheap as $1. Get one.

And if your not, talk to your doctor about birth control or stop having unprotected sex. Your current mindset is not conducive to a pregnancy until your anxiety is under control.