I have been bleeding non stop since I got my tubes tied: Advice?

I had my son 2.5 months ago!!! I also got my tubes tied( I regret it) I have been bleeding since I had him!!! Now I have my period horrible painful and bleeding!!! But I always would wear tampons which dr says are safe now!!! Has anyone ever got their tubes tied and then can’t wear a tampons? It hurts so bad I feel like a first time teenager trying them again or a virgin??? Since I had mine tied I have had nothing but problems!!! Advice please


Following im about to get mine tide an i know nothing of what to expect help?.

I don’t have my tubes tied but after having my youngest I cannot use tampons anymore.

See different doctor


Talk to your doctor about it. I had mine tied 13 years ago no problems and my periods actually got lighter.

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I got my tubes tied and since then I bleed threw a tampon and pad within an hour

Get an opinion from a different doctor, this doesn’t seem normal.


Get to the E.R or your doctor asap


I’m way older than you but had my tubes cut and remember my periods hurt much more and I bled more. It didnt last for longer than a year or two though and eventually was ok again.

This is highly irregular! Go to your doc asap!!!

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Having your tubes tied should have nothing to do with wearing tampons. 2 1/2 months seems like a long time but really isn’t. You’re still healing.


I cant use tampons anymore either and I have had 3 kids! Not sure about the tubes tied as I plan on having one more. I’ll be following as wel

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Initially the pain is sooo bad but as it heals the pain should go away. If not id go back to the doctor

I’ve had no problems. Putting a tampon in and having your tubes tied are 2 different things 2 different areas. You should talk with your doctor


Talk to your Dr… But also tampons are not meant to be used so soon after having a baby… Babies/pregnancy does a lot of damage to our bodies especially in that area… Most importantly if your Dr is not listening to your concerns Go to another Dr…


you definitely need a second opinion, this isn’t routinely a problem as you are describing

I didnt have trouble with tampons but I never had cramps until I got my tubes tied,its been 21years and the periods are getting worse

I didn’t or couldn’t use tampons for years after my 1st baby…
That was 20 years ago in February. I only started to again in the last 5 years…
Had my tubes ties 3 years ago after my last baby and haven’t had any issues.
I’d talk to your doctor, make sure everything is good!

Obviously, I have no idea about the girl thing. But, the regretting tubes tied…I regretted my vasectomy, until they were older. Now I love it. I wanted more kids until I had a solid week without diapers after 7 yrs of diapers between 2 kids. Ever since then, I’ve been grateful for what I have, and wouldnt change a thing.

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My periods were heavier after I had my tubes tied. But shorter.
As for the bleeding since you had baby/tubes tied …I did not have mine done at the same time. So…after I had my children I had some bleeding…but not for 2 1/2 mths! And the same goes for after tubes were tied. I’m no Dr but I think you should go see one. Immediately. Bleeding for 2 1/2 mths is NOT GOOD! Go see Doctor right away. They’ll be able to help you more than any of us on here. Hope you feel better soon…