I have been having a lot of migraines: Advice?

Not mom-related, but I’ve been dealing with migraines every day for the past couple of months. I went to the doctor, and they’ve tried two medications that didn’t work. I’m supposed to be going to a neurologist soon, but until that happens, is there anything else I can do at home? Nothing I’ve tried seems to be working.


Peppermint essential oil also helps migraines.

I had migraines before and was more when I exercised, after test we found ouy I have iron deficiency ( iron carry oxygen to the brain so when it is low, oxygen is low in the brain and it causes migraines)

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I get them too. Try to figure out your triggers (caffeine, weather, stress). Start a diary of them (day, time they start, how long they last, what you take, where on your head it hurts, type of pain) There are electronic ones you can use on your phone that are free. Migraine Buddy is the one I use. This will help the neurologist know more. Mine have greatly decreased with a 1x a month shot Aimovig. Good luck!

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I’ve been having them too. Anything to do with the viruses

Try drinking Pepsi made with real sugar and take two Excedrin for migraines.

Magnesium ( may need to start with a lower dose half a tablet so you dont get the shits and work your way up) and super vitamin B complex (riboflavin vitamin B2) . Both over the counter at Walmart. I suffer from chronic migraines and taking these daily I am now back to only 1 or 2 migraines a month. Recommended by my Neurologist after 1 medication didnt work. Also on the onset of a migraine I take Sumatriptan 100mg and if able to cyclobenzaprine to help relax the muscles so meds can work.

I suffer from migraines too. I get them so often I have to give myself injections every month. Best advice is take naproxen (works best for me). Lay in a dark room if possible. They suck but hopefully they can figure something out for you

I have struggled with migraines for 15 plus years and it turns out they were mostly hormone related. Frovatriptan is an amazing hormone migraine medication, it has saved my life many times I think! Another interesting fact is I got my daith piercing about a year ago and have not had one migraine since…


The Daith piercing helped my migraines I haven’t had to take medication in about 2 years now because of it. I still get headaches now and then but they aren’t NEARLY as bad as my migraines use to be.

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Benadryl & magnesium. I don’t have a clue why. But it works. Eat bananas & eat peppermint too. Those 2 are old wives tales. But they work.

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if heat helps, rice in a tub sock on the back of neck.

Ibuprofen helps alot but you have to take four 200mg to get the 800mg that doctor would give

I use a CBD essential oil roller for head ease and it takes the majority of my migraines away. Seriously one of the best things I ever bought.

Have your hormones checked!! … I dont disagree with anyone’s method to help alleviate the migraine but you should try and find out why you are getting them.

Heat of top of feet, & at back of head/neck, ice on top of head. Dark, quiet too. You can PM if you like. I’ve been treated since I was 17 & I’m 55. I’ve been on pretty much everything out there but have a winning combo now.

Ice pack behind the head helps me, also closing all the curtains. Turn off all screens. If you can stomach it and not fall asleep. 800mg of ibuprofen helps the worst of my migraines.

Try taking magnesium

Medicinal MJ works wonders, you dont even have to get the flower just get edibles they are amazing for migraines and body aches and pain, loss of sleep as well

Botox injections! I take sumatriptan when I have one but the injections are a great preventative. I’m down to only 2 a month during my cycle.