I have been having pain around my belly button: Thoughts?

Has anyone had stomach pain around there belly button area? It’s above my belly button a few inches then over to the left a couple of inches. There’s a pulling tightness, the tender spot that feels bruised. Also, when I’m using the bathroom and kinda lean forward, it aggravates it a lot. Its just pain that I don’t really know how to describe. It gets worse when I’m up moving around or bending over, but I still feel it sitting down just not as bad. I went in yesterday, and they blew it off and said pulled muscle but just doesn’t seem like it to me. Has anyone experienced this? Has me worried there could be an issue with my placenta or something that I don’t know about since they didn’t check anything. If it continues, I will go back in for sure. Just seeing if anyone else had similar issues and if they were told what it was.


Could be a rupture ??!!:thinking::sunglasses:

You are pregnant? Your spleen is on your L side up under your ribs. If there is a lump that hurts and you can feel the lump about the size of a lemon then bring it to Drs attention. If you feel it’s your placenta then go to ER right now and have this all checked out. How pregnant are you? If you are 8 weeks or less it could be a tube pregnancy. Not trying to scare you just making you aware. If you feel something is wrong then something might be wrong. I am a retired RN 30+ yrs.

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I would say its likely a hernia


Sounds like a hernia. I had one a few years ago, worst pain I ever experienced… including childbirth


I’d say go to the dr, but I get muscle pulled easily when pregnant including stomach. It’s a possibility, but better safe and check with dr.

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Had same pain I had an ulser.

Sounds like a umbilical hernia

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Hernia… Get REAL medical treatment & stop seeking medical advice from people online. :woman_facepalming:t3:

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I’m actually confused as to why this page allows medical questions? Seems vastly irresponsible. These people need to be going to DOCTORS, not asking 22yr old Lucy who cant even pick a pop tart flavor about medical advice. :woman_facepalming:t3:

Literally just had this, I had an umbilical hernia. In same exact area

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I love how folks jump on here and blast the OP for asking medical advice online. Especially after they CLEARLY stated that they went to the Dr. and had their concerns blown off and not even addressed. All she wanted was advice IF you had had similar/same symptoms. How about DON’T respond with smartass remarks UNLESS you can be bothered to read the WHOLE post. It is sad when a person would rather be an asshole instead of being kind.


You know your body get a second opinion


Calm down Karens. She isnt seeking “medical advice” she is looking for anyone that has experienced the same thing sheeeesh!

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I had the same pain and it was my appendix. I was shocked by the diagnosis but the second doctor (other doctor could not figure it out because the appendix is on the lower right side of your stomach) said it was called referred pain. My appendix ended up rupturing and I had to have 4 inches of my intestines removed. I was in the hospital for a week on antibotics😔 Please get a second opinion if pain continues🙏

Agree with those that said hernia

Could be a sist maybe you need a scan your GP Can refer you good luck with your medical issue

Go to another doctor, second opinion

that sound almost like indigestion, at least thats what it was when I had that pain

I had a pain like that it felt like someone was pulling my belly button from the inside doctor told me I had a deep infection he then gave me antibiotic and it help me