I have been struggling with my daughters attitude lately: Advice?

My daughter is 10, very mature for her age, and I’ve really been struggling with her lately. We’ve always had a super close relationship, but lately, she’s become so angry, so bossy and all she does is lie. I’ve tried talking to her; we’ve tried taking things away, grounding her, chore charts, rewards, and positive reinforcements… I’m just at my wit’s ends! I need help. She fights with her younger brother constantly, always nagging at him, taking his toys away. I’m looking for new suggestions, maybe books that I can read, or I can get for her to read. I’m sure being locked up for COVID isn’t helping, and neither is puberty making its way into our lives, but I want to help her and help get us back to normal.


I’m struggling with all these same things with my 10 year old daughter also! She thinks she is the boss of everyone.

Omg. I have a 10 year old daughter and I’m seriously going through the exact same thing you are. If you happen to figure out an answer before me, LET ME KNOW. Lol for real. And just know, you are NOT alone!

Oh I am on the same boat with you! My daughter is also ten and ever since COVID arrived… attitude, bossiness and emotional outburst. Personally talking to her friends all the time help and also try to communicate with her her way. Ask her how can you help her feel better or anything you can do. Taking things away is only going to make it worse. I also got my daughter into art so she draws a lot and got her a 3D pen to keep her mind occupied.

My mom used to make me do house work when I acted up.

Its only begun ladies my 12 almost 13 year old has been moody since 10. Only thing you can do is redirect and pray it ends.

I have an 11 year old boy and he is the same . Ladies you are not alone lol but it does help knowing I am not alone in all of this . I often say it’s a good thing I love him because somedays it’s hard to like him . But every now and then I get a glimmer of hope when my happy carefree boy shines thru . I tell myself it’s just a phase and this too will pass .

Haha that’s just the beginning mine is about to be 13 in May an baby I be ready RIP her Ass I just took her phone away an she can’t watch tik tok or play games I swear she has done more house work around the house in 2 days then I’ve seen in a month an she going to sleep early

My daughter is 12 and I’m struggling with this aswell

Period time must be happening soon! Good luck that’s all I have.

Maybe she has a boyfriend and they are not getting along , 10 years old are now having a boy friend if she does well it is time to take her to your G “ doctor


Maybe do outings with her. Mommy daughter dates have adult discussions with her and make her feel more involved.

Hang on momma normal is about 9 to 10 years away . Stick to your plan and expect her to do the same, with a little give in the hormone dept . She will thank you someday , not today , not tomorrow but she will . I am a mom of two grown kids 31 and 30 . I recently got a call from my son saying thanks for being strict and holding my rules with him , he said his Boss thanks me too . He is a good employee, a great friend and a awesome guy. So the plan your heart had for your kids stick to it .

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Sometime it maybe health trouble so good see doctor or thing girl become little woman sometime at this year or the food intake can new kind food can cause trouble.but l think the doctor maybe woman doctor at this age.l well pray for you guys too.

Oh yeah we went threw this as well. I took everything away . Was not fun for anyone at first. But he was forced to evaluate his negativity . And not talking to his sister at all. Especially if he is gonna be rude. He slips here and there. But every thing has been passworded for his benefit . And I threw on the time restrictions so he has to ask for it. He is 13 now. And he keeps having moments . But I took away phone and computer and it took 5 weeks before he even asked for them back. And I would have kept it a week . Usually maby 2 . But he did have the chrome book for school. And talking . But still I refuse to have negativity . But there’s also a pandemic depending on where you are and what that looks like it’s a stressful time. But as a mom and accommodating my child to not stress him out through out the last year of the pandemic . He definitely has taken advantage of it and try’s to push those boundaries . And now we have to back track to I understand but this is not acceptable


My oldest daughter is 11 yr old almost 12 in a few months is the same way. I have a 10 yr old daughter as well but she doesn’t have an attitude towards me and listen to me. But my oldest is something else. You are not alone. She makes me feel like a horrible mother. I take her phone away from her all the time and she never goes anywhere. And her attitude never changes lol.

Do an overnight oxygen test to look for dips

Normal is dead.
It’s not part of your life anymore, for the time being.
Just pack away its clothes neatly and buy it black curtains and a mood ring.
Nobody between the ages of 10 and 22 is sane.
Nothing that is undergoing that kind of chemical change is going to be mentally stable for extended periods of time and if they appear to be then congratulations, you have a sociopath.
She’s stuck between my little pony and the blood lust pallete.
Don’t take it personally, just start savoring the moments where she still acts like your little girl, and learn to appreciate the woman she’s becoming and hope you taught her to hold her own well enough to keep from being preyed on by anyone, or at least tell you if someone tries.
There’s nothing as formidable as your baby becoming a teenager.
Mine is 19. You’ll get scarred and calloused eventually and the attitude and emotional attacks will stop hurting so much.
Just take it with a grain of salt.


It gets progressively worse, I find 16/17 being the worst. Then when they are about 20 they will realize you was right about everything :smile:


Just growing up and testing the authority, you already said you and her have had a very good relationship but it sounds as though she has forgotten YOU are the parent she is the child if you don’t stamp your authority now it will get worse very firm voice , body language and don’t feel guilty or try to middle coddle afterwards .