I have been struggling with postpartum: Advice?

I have been dealing with postpartum depression and am finding it really hard to cope lately with life and have been very overwhelmed. I have spoken with my doctor, and I’m trying to find the right antidepressant to take. The first one (bupropion) made me very irritable and short-tempered with my children, which I am NEVER like that with them. I don’t really have a great support system. My husband just thinks it’s a state of mind, and I can change without medication. At first, it worked. I changed my mindset and only needed meds for less than a year. I had a miscarriage fell back into depression, then got pregnant two months later and was able to pull out of that a little bit. Now, it’s all coming back, and I’m at a loss. I guess I’m looking for positive words, experiences of others, maybe some hope? Everything is just so dark. Sorry for the long post. Thank you for reading this.


Zoloft and counseling helped me. (Hug) you’re not alone


Cymbalta has been great, but if you’re pregnant or planning on getting pregnant you shouldn’t take it. I had to stop it because I’m trying for a baby, but once I am done I can’t wait to go back on it.

Postpartum depression is serious mom, it’s not only a mindset thing. You are strong. You will found eventually the good pills. Keep up the good work. :muscle:t3: :two_hearts:


My biggest advice is take time for yourself! I to struggled hard with depression after having my son, mostly from missing my family I lived two hours away… and not feeling like I had the support or help… I went through a miscarriage and it hit me hard and I had to find time for myself and write things down … I was prescribed a medication Sertraline (think that’s how you spell it ) and it helped me so much ! Try going for a walk by yourself each night to clear your kind

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Therapy can help I use 2 go once a week I have been on an off for 10 years I have problems with depression and anxiety pretty bad I learned to cope with anxiety without meds because of it and what triggers me and I’m not ashamed to go back when I get over whelmed and feel like im struggling I go back they can also help with getting you on right medication if needed

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I’ve been there! However I currently have major depressive disorder and how it start was post partum . I have severe generalized anxiety like I’m all kinds of messed up but I go to therapy and take my medication.

I see a psychologist I’ve tried a bunch of different things but Prozac and Wellbutrin are the correct ones I’m on (I have to take two a day) and I’ve seen a major change.

She also has me on abilify at night time w helps w depression and anxiety as well.

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Well your husband should be supportive of you and not try to downplay postpartum depression… I hate men who just don’t understand anything. I have taken meds for awhile for depression. Zoloft helps and lamictal for a mood stabilizer for my bipolar. Having a supportive partner is important too and he sounds like an ass. Sorry. Don’t accept being treated that way.

Lexapro has saved my life

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I’ve had anxiety and depression most of my life and now have ppd with my second, I had it with my first too but I didn’t get help and I regret that so much. I don’t have much of a support system. Hubby works a ton so it’s usually just me and the kids. I have no friends, family doesn’t come around much. I started the medication I was taking before I got pregnant (Effexor 150mg) and therapy. I feel sooo much better than I did. I’m also keeping busy. We joined a playgroup at the library so free and not judgey and I just joined mops which was the best decision ever. As far as your hubby he might never get it but you still have to take care of yourself with or without that. Hubby gets me and he’s patient but he’s not home much.

I don’t have answers for you. I can tell you only what helped me. Forcing myself to get out of my house helps.? Realizing I can’t accomplish everything in a day helps. My PPD had less to do with hormones alone than it did with issues I needed to deal with that were both past and present, it just came out while I was post pardum. A great deal of counselling helped me realize that, meds helped me process and work through my shit…

Honey listen to your dr. Go to Walmart ask pharmacist. about mild sleep med. he will know what to give. It’s over the counter sleep med. no morning hangover. . My grandson uses it after a rough day for him. He’s 12 it is safe

I’m so sorry that you’re going through this. Your husband should not be telling you it’s not serious, and excuse me for saying so but he’s a bit of an ass for doing that. Therapy does help, you need someone you can talk to in a safe non-judgemental environment and it would be a launching pad for getting some much needed “me” time. Go to therapy, get a coffee or go to a yoga class after. Make it a “mommy morning”. Meds can and do help, but identifying the root of the problem will make a positive mindset more sustainable. Try Prozac, maybe Zoloft or ask your Dr about Remeron if your depression is really intense. Good luck. Don’t give up. You can beat this Momma.

Cognitive behavioural therapy. Try it. It helped me heal so much, meds do not work for some people, the side affects are scary with some of them, also I found after seeing this therapist I changed my whole eating and lifestyle and parenting style with almost no effort just by changing the way my brain coped with stress, it’s kind of like hypnosis but you recognise physical signs that alert you to what your mind is doing, like I guess figuring out the pattern of destruction your thoughts do, and then retraining your brain to cope differently to those thoughts/feelings. 10 years ago I was suicidal angry unmotivated and in the worst most terrifying dark situation now I’m literally bossing life. I still stress out but chemically in my brain I’m more balanced. Now if I’m stressing or having a bad mum day it’s simply just that a bad day not the end of the world like it used to be.

Yoga is a very calming way to clear your mind and your body.

Take the meds girl. Dont play around with depression. We would rather see you happy on meds than 6 feet under.

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I see a great therapist when I can’t kick it on my own.

You need to get a therapist. ppd Is not a game. I suffered 2 times, and am expecting it again. Its very normal, and going to an actual therapy facility, you can see a doctor who specializes in medicating.

are you on birth control by any chance, because that could really mess with you. I was on bc for 8 months after my last and it was making me crazy. I stopped it and within 2 weeks I was back to my normal self

Go back to your doctor and find an anti-depressant that will help you! Your husband doesn’t understand the ‘dark world’ mentality. I take anti-depressants I inherited depression and my sister takes 2 types for hers. There isn’t any shame in needing them. Your mental health is important.